San Mateo County’s $6,000,000 Bail case. Jose Dolores Cruz.

Mr. Jose Dolores Cruz age 51 of San Mateo made a court appearance yesterday bail was set at $6,000,000.00 His next Court appearance is Sept. 11, 2018. He is charged with molesting his four daughters over a several years time period when they were ages 8-12.

His case number is 18-NF-10591-A

He is presently charged with:

One count of 288.5(a) PC

Five counts of 288(a) PC

And six special allegations (one for each count) of 667.61(j)(2) PC.

The amount of bail seems excessive, and I would like to remind the readers that you are innocent until proven guilty by a jury in this country and especially in San Mateo County.

Just because District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe and Chief Deputy Karen Guidotti charge you with a crime doesn’t mean you are Guilty of a crime. The Zain Jaffer case is a perfect example his bail was set at $300,000 October 17, 2017. Here are the charges when he was arrested.

The DA’s Office quickly eliminated one felony charge of Attempted Murder.

The Charges that remained up until July 2, 2018:

Charge #1 Attempted Oral Copulation or Sexual Penetration with a Child 10 years of age or younger. PC 664.288.7(b) Felony

Charge #2 Forcible Lewd Act Upon Child, PC288 (b) Felony

Charge #3 Assault by Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury, PC 245 (A) Felony

Charge #4 Assault by Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury, PC 245 (A) Felony

Charge #5 Child Abuse, PC 273 (A) Felony

Charge #6 Child Abuse PC 273 (A) Felony

Charge # 7 Battery Upon a Peace Officer & Designated Person, PC 243 (b) Misdemeanor

The entire Zain Jaffer case was DISMISSED on July 2, 2018.

also Mr. Wagstaffe held a Press Conference and told the world that Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez smuggled a cellphone and drugs to a Hells Angles Inmate in the jail when he knew he had ZERO Evidence to prove it. Those charges were thrown out of court because of Prosecutorial Misconduct.

I would also remind the reader of a similar case where a Belmont man was charged with 17 counts of molestation, he couldn’t afford bail or choose not to pay the $100,000 waiting in jail for 10 months and was found Not Guilty of ALL charges.

“During the 10 months Michael Kazarian spent in jail as a child molestation case against him crept forward, he never had a doubt that he would eventually be set free.

The former president of the Belmont Chamber of Commerce’s reason for believing that was simple.

He was innocent, he told the San Mateo County Times on Monday in his first interview since a San Mateo County jury decided March 12 that he was not guilty of 17 counts of child molestation stemming from allegations made by an ex-girlfriend’s daughter.”

By Michael G. Stogner

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