San Mateo County Sheriff Lt. Andrew Armando is a Brady Officer at the very least, Criminal at most.

Lt. Andrew Armando is currently in charge of the Internal Affairs of the Sheriff’s Office. That is a bad thing. He is dishonest and has committed criminal acts in the Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez Criminal case. In order for him to be convicted of a crime, San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office Steve Wagstaffe, Karen Guidotti, John Warren would have to file charges and currently they are refusing to do so. Who else is aware of the criminal conduct allegations filed May 1, 2018 in the Lopez case. Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, many Sheriff Deputies, San Mateo County Counsel, Judges include Hon. Judge George Miriam, Hon. Judge Mark Forcum.

The public is counting on, hoping that all people in position of Authority will do their job, which is to protect the public not a small group of “Those Who Matter.”

Why are the people mentioned above protecting a “Dirty Cop”? They have all known since May 1, 2018 of the allegations. What actions have they taken besides delaying?

A recent DA Steve Wagstaffe quote: “I still believe that one of the key components of a good criminal justice system is faith that judges do the right thing,” 

The same can be said for the Sheriff Office and the District Attorney’s Office do the right thing.

The Sunny Day Murder case had 80 Search Warrants alone.

How many cases or Search Warrants has Lt. Andrew Armando been involved in since 2013? A Brady Officer can not testify for good reason.

Juan Lopez’s first Attorney Stuart Hanlon to reporter Katie Utehs 2/23/2015:

“This interview is going to make it harder to practice there, but it’s the truth and I’m willing to deal with it because I think this man is being falsely charged.”

Mr. Hanlon is right as of today 8 Felony charges have been dismissed. San Mateo County Government leadership could care less that the DA’s Office and Sheriff’s Office is dishonest. Look no further then Good and Concerned Citizen Therese Dyer who has been reporting corruption in those offices for many years and the Supervisors refuse to conduct an Audit.

Elected Official Jack Hickey is the only SMC politician to question the DA’s Office.

Here is the Lopez Motion with the criminal allegations.

By Michael G. Stogner


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2 responses to “San Mateo County Sheriff Lt. Andrew Armando is a Brady Officer at the very least, Criminal at most.

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  2. Adolfo Antonio Gonzalez

    This is why this system must change. We the people means us we are protected.this is coruotion within the system that is supposed to look at the best interest of us. They should be held accountable

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