SMC Dishonest Search Warrant, Steve Wagstaffe is going after Jody Loren Williams. Why now?

Case Number 18-SM-009489-A

Has San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office ever been used as a weapon before? Yes of course it has, John Johns R.I.P. and Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez cases are perfect examples, and now, Jody L. Williams. Secret/Hidden Search Warrants

How many Misdemeanor cases from another State with Sealed Police Report and Search Warrant does the DA do per year average?

Jody Loren Williams recently discovered she missed a court appearance and had a warrant for her arrest. Both were News to her and the District Attorney wanted it that way. The DA sent the notice to appear to an address she would not get it, and they sent it by regular mail with no signature required to prove she received notice.

This behavior should come as no surprise to San Mateo County residents Pacifica resident Therese Dyer has notified the San Mateo County Supervisors for over a decade of the Corrupt DA’s Office, The Supervisors refuse to Audit which would stop the corruption on the spot.

4/25/2007 when District Attorney James P. Fox and Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe sent these 2 e-mails which demonstrate the small but very powerful group of “Above the Law” aka “Those Who Matter.” Organized Crime Element.


Steve Wagstaffe said “remember it will be yesterday’s news and irrelevant by tomorrow”

Now here we are 11 years later and Mr. Wagstaffe charges Jody Williams in San Mateo County Court. Who is Jody Williams? On April 21, 2007 she is the woman who reported that the 25 women and one minor who were Human Trafficked Sex Slaves in Operation Dollhouse did not make it to the Salvation Army Safe House that night where they were to be for 72 hours of safety. How would she know that, She was there to meet them.

Jody Williams is a key witness to what really happened the night of April 21, 2007, and she has confirmed what San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Heinz Puschendorf has stated that Munks and Bolanos were transported from 3474 Eldon Street that night. Here is a quote from Jody Williams on the subject:

“Clearly, someone in ICE, Homeland Security and the trafficking task force had to be involved in this network for it to work. And clearly someone was because not only were the two sheriffs who were on site, and then released, despite the mandatory immigration laws, despite the fact drugs were seized, and also despite a juvenile and a pregnant woman being caught on sight – and frankly, if I hadn’t been chased off the property, discounted, ignored, smeared, and shut out of the process – we could have ended the whole matter and exoronerated both Greg Munks and Carlos Bolanos in one afternoon because I would have asked for either their body camfootage, or I would have asked to see their drivers’ footage.”

Jody Williams is right, FBI’s video, Limo Video. Video from LVMPD Holding cell would solve all of those questions.


San Mateo County’s Big Lie, the coverup of Munks and Bolanos at the expense of the victims and the residents of San Mateo County. Here is what they are accusing Jody Williams of:

Case Number 18-SM-009489-A Unauthorized Practice of Law

05/08/2018 BP6126(a) Misdemeanor: Unauthorized Practice of Law

08/13/2018 Notice to Appear deliberately mailed to an address where Jody would not receive it.

09/13/2018 Arrest Warrant Issued by Judge Robert Foiles for Failure to Appear and Bail set $2,500

10/02/2018 Declaration in Support of Criminal Complaint filed.

10/02/2018 Order to seal police report pursuant to PC 964

10/02/2018 Police Report Ordered Sealed

You will notice there is no mention of this Secret Search Warrant issued July 12, 2018 as noted in the above case.

Jody Williams Search Warrant

Jody L. Williams is an Advocate who was helping a Destroyed Father who just wants to get back with his children. The attorney representing his wife in a San Mateo County Family Law case was going to have none of that, and filed a criminal complaint against Jody Williams.


D.A. Steve Wagstaffe

The above Search Warrant is a Fraud. The District Attorney’s Office would have searched the Fathers e-mails to see the Illegal Crime Unauthorized Practice of Law evidence.

Instead they go after the key witness to Operation Dollhouse. Who would want to do that? Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, Steve Wagstaffe, Karen Guidotti, Morley Pitt, Albert Serrato, John Warren, just to name a few.

Jody Williams could really use your support at this time, Please consider donating to her for her legal funds that are now facing her, Think about it she lives in Las Vegas and has to commute to San Mateo County to defend herself. Thank You for reading.

Jody’s Fundraiser

By Michael G. Stogner


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4 responses to “SMC Dishonest Search Warrant, Steve Wagstaffe is going after Jody Loren Williams. Why now?

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  3. After getting this warrant executed out of San Mateo, knowing I was in Las Vegas, I also “magically” found a traffic ticket on my car that had been mailed to an old California address where the forwarding order had expired, i.e, I also didn’t receive word of it in time to have it not turn into a bootable offense. Then another ticket I’d paid off the year before, and I have a receipt to prove I’d paid it off, suddenly was now in warrant in Las Vegas claiming I owed the city $300.00. After that came a bogus call from a woman claiming to be Alisha Grundy asking to meet with me at her attorney’s office. I’ve answered this hotline for 30 years and callers don’t ask me to “meet them at their attorney’s office”. I didn’t know about any of this at that time but I could feel it was a trap and refused to go. Once I learned of the warrant, I knew of their techniques so I started nosing around and found these other warrants. Clearly they were intending on pulling me over at this attorney’s office, arresting me on the traffic warrant, impounding my car, and then holding me for extradition to California which they can do for 30 days. It’s called the “Disruption Policy” in a training manual for the FBI that was discovered by the ACLU. In other words, how to screw up law abiding citizens’ lives. You can google this. Unlike my name which has been also magically wiped out by Google now. The free press is the power of the people and it’s as powerful of a defense as a gun can be. Something we also lost by lawmakers writing up laws that suit them. Which is why we have to go back to a free press which we can do on paper like was done in the 60’s.

  4. After I avoided being trapped in this ambush, 4 Metro officers showed up at my home without a warrant. The purpose of illegally seizing my personal emails was to discover my physical location. Then they spent 90 minutes trying to tear my door off the hinges in order to get in at me. Why? Without a search warrant anything they found on me would not be admissible in court, as would anything I said if I wasn’t properly arrested. So they aren’t interested in prosecuting me. If not the purpose of why they were at my door – then why were they there? If not for Michael calling 911 for Vegas and asking them why they were there – they would not have abandoned trying to break down my door. Beware of offers of help. That evening I had an attorney who had been offering to help us say he would help me prosecute Metro for what they’d done that evening. Michael however was the one who called and saved my life I believe. This “attorney” then asked me for copies of all of the recordings I’d taken of this event under the guise of pretending he was going to be defending my rights. Once he got the tapes, he then accused me of “making the whole thing up” in the face of the evidence that even the dispatcher calls confirmed it was Metro at my door that evening, and the Internal Affairs investigation now open on the matter. Then he did something else strange – asked me whether or not I was left handed or right before saying he was not going to represent me, and to further make sure I didn’t complain to the Bar about his behavior, he filed a false police report against me in yet ANOTHER state. I can think of only one reason why someone who is an enemy would want to know what hand I use. For the record, I am not suicidal one single teeny bit. Nor would I ever kill myself because of my spiritual beliefs.

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