SMC Government wants your personal information. Senate Bill 821

What happens when the information is used for other purposes? Jody Williams is a good example. What is the real purpose of this bill?


What is the benefit of the additional 690,000 residents personal contact information in Carlos G. Bolanos, Steve Wagstaffe, Mike Callagy, Don Horsley, Warren Slocum, Dave Pine, Carole Groom, David Canepa hands? Lets say the motive is sincere, and now 800,000 residents all receive a message at the same time, Where do you think they are going in Gridlock San Mateo County? They are going to a parking lot, that is the reality.

This bill would authorize each county, including a city and county, to enter into an agreement to access the contact information of resident accountholders through the records of a public utility or other agency responsible for water service, waste and recycling services, or other property-related services for the sole purpose of enrolling county residents in a county-operated public emergency warning system. The bill would require any county that enters into such an agreement to include procedures to enable any resident to opt out of the warning system and a process to terminate the receiving agency’s access to the resident’s contact information. The bill would prohibit the use of the information gathered for any purpose other than for emergency notification.

Senate Bill No. 821

SMDJ Misleading Article

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One response to “SMC Government wants your personal information. Senate Bill 821

  1. I’ve been finding over the years I’ve been fighting sex trafficking, that the traffickers are doing what they do pretty much out in the open. These laws sound “boring” and most people do not realize how this information can, and is, used against them in many ways. For those who are not escaping sex trafficking, or domestic violence at the hands of people with power – I can refer to the Epstein case some may be more familiar with. These men like to “keep tabs” on their victims in case they decide to file any lawsuits or even pursue criminal actions as again citing the Epstein case. I can only speak from experience here as to how the power company can become weaponized against you if you happen to anger the wrong people, or simply are trying to live a quiet life away from someone’s abuse and/or exploitation. So that I’m not sued by someone – let me tell you a story. Here in Nevada, before Goldman Sachs bought it up, Nevada Power had been created by three men. One of those men was Lance Gilman. Lance Gilman also currently owns the Mustang Ranch legal brothel, and he’s also a county commissioner as well in Storey County – where legal brothels are allowed to operate. When there was a law put in front of the Nevada legislature to consider passing so that a legal brothel could be opened in downtown Las Vegas – these hearings are supposed to be posted in public so that the public can comment on them. On the same day this law was being heard in from of Marilyn Kirkpatrick, 45 nonprofits got on buses and also appeared at the legislature to try and support AB67 – which I was also one of the few opponents. This was a law about how to treat sex trafficking victims. The Review Journal was being owned and ran from the shadows before he came out “officially” as the owner – Sheldon Adelson. Adelson also owned the very press that the Sun is printed on as well. Meaning during this time while not on paper, Adelson basically controlled the media/news in Nevada. While hearing only about the “benefits” of AB67 shouted out by all these nonprofits that were literally shipped in from outside of Nevada, and the voices of myself and 45 members of Sex Workers Anonymous who wanted to oppose the bill were being silenced in the media about why we opposed AB67, I also got a phone call from a friend letting me know that they had changed the meeting time for the hearing on the legal brothel expansion into Las Vegas to be at the same exact time as the AB67 hearings. If not for that call, we never would have known about this hearing that George Flint, the Nevada Brothel Owners Lobbyist, was appearing at to present their case. I had an RV which I had planned on taking these 45 sex trafficking survivors to testify at both of these hearings which I found had been vandalized. I had it towed to a shop who then informed me a bomb had been installed in the RV – so I was lucky I couldn’t get it started. The mechanic told me it would have blown up after being on the road about an hour – which would have been just outside of Las Vegas had I got it started. When we then had no way of getting these people there to testify, I had asked John Hambrick if we could hitch a ride on their buses – who then blew us off. We had to go to the northern Nevada hall because that’s where the hearing was about the brothels. With now no way to get there, and of course no one but us having even known about the date and time of the hearing – we had to get someone there. Luckily, there was a woman who lived up there who had been victimized while working in the Hell’s Angel owned Shady Lady brothel, which no longer exists. She was the only one of us who made it there to protest AB67 and then testify against the brothel expansion. We won – and it was voted against them opening any legal brothels in the city of Las Vegas. Of course the Review Journal posted a very cryptic announcement about it, and this woman never got the credit – but the job was done. The RJ also falsely reported “there was no opposition against AB67”. She had read a letter at the hearing signed by all 45 survivors about why we were opposed to it – which was edited out of the record and the news. Hambrick blocked us on social media when I confronted him with video we made of her doing this so we had proof. When this woman went home after having accomplished this feat of activism on our behalf as survivors, she found her power off even though she’d paid the electric bill. It stayed off for three days and no calls to them was able to reverse the situation. Realize that after I gave a press conference in 2007 about sex trafficking in Nevada, I too came home that day to find my power was off also even though I’d paid the bill. When I called in, they had attached my dead mother and dead grandmother’s bill to mine – claimed I now owed them $2000 and they refused to resume service until that amount was paid. When I asked for a bill to prove this charge, I was denied. I don’t know what happened, but Assemblyman Bob Beers made a phone call to Nevada Power and my power was restored to normal and back on in two hours. Lance Gilman at that time was not only one of the founders of Nevada Power, but he was also on the Nevada Board of Economic Development. So I have two separate occasions where we angered the legal brothel industry, and in return we found our power turned off for no valid reason. When I last turned on power in my name in 2018, I had a very strange experience with them where I had to get “permission from the fraud department’ before they’d turn on service. This meant I had to show an ID and verify this was my address before they’d start service, which is not normal practice. I was then subjected to surveillance at this address night and day that was so severe and scary I had to install security cams all over the property. Today bribes aren’t done in cash and briefcases because of money laundering laws. I went searching and I found “grants” given to the police department here in Vegas anyway from the power company. When the Henderson Police chief questioned this grant, she was fired for being “uncooperative”. In 2016, I briefly moved to Los Angeles to get my daughter medical care. One day, my power was cut off. I was living in an RV so power was not that expensive. When I called, they claimed i owed for the past tenant $6000. They claimed they had the “legal right” to stick me with his bill, and they refused to turn service back on until I paid this amount in full. Because I’m a paralegal, I found a lawsuit where the judge had ordered the DWP here not to cut ANYONE off during the lawsuit. So they were actually in violation of that suit when they did this. I contacted this attorney who managed to make a few calls, get my bill restored to MY bill, and I was able to resume service. Two weeks later there’s a knock on my door that I’ve heard before and it sounded frankly like a cop. So I didn’t answer the door – my daughter did. This man said I was “stealing power” and they were there to arrest me on this charge. She did as I’ve taught her – which is to demand to see the warrant and proof of the so called “theft”. He stomped off. I then called the DWP asking what this was about. They claimed they had no idea. I then went on the internet to find that just the month prior, the man who had been in charge of Nevada Power had now assumed control of DWP now that Goldman Sachs had bought out Nevada Power. As Michael has pointed out, I’ve been falsely accused of “practicing law without a license” under a sealed complaint so that personal emails were then seized that supposedly were mine. This contained my IP address. I had been living at a hotel at that time so that I did NOT have power in my name – therefore I couldn’t be “found” by these people. I had moved to the hotel DELIBERATELY AND SPECIFICALLY so that not only was I not having power service in my name, but so that my internet could not be blocked as it was in LA as well. I literally had to move out of that RV park because not only was my landlord receiving threats from the cops about throwing me out, but also because AT&T had claimed there was a “block” on my receiving internet service at that address. Two weeks after obtaining my IP address, and therefore knowing where I was living – I then had four officers and a member of ReLiance Security, at my door without any warrant or probable cause who spent 90 minutes trying to break down my door to get at me. When I called 911 – they claimed not to be there. It was not until Michael called dispatch asking why they were at my door that they abandoned the idea of breaking down my door to get at me and my daughter. Mind you, there was no warrant in Nevada, nor any extradition warrant in California either. When I made an Internal Affairs complaint about this attack, the officers involved quit – so there was no investigation made as to why they were doing this. I need to state for the record I am disabled and I do NOTHING illegal. I don’t do anything to be honest but answer the hotline and provide support to survivors, as well as my blog. I don’t associate with criminals. So there’s no reason that I’m in literal fear of my life by men with badges right now – nor would I suspect ANY transfer of information about your power bill to the police, especially THESE officers, without a proper search warrant. Now if the Board of Supervisors was willing to investigate these officers – that’s another story. But since they STILL REFUSE to investigate their own sheriffs after Operation Dollhouse, or even about the harassment I’ve been suffering – then we have unchecked power in San Mateo. There are REASONS why our founders wrote our constitution the way they did. I don’t care whether or not you’re a Trump supporter – but when I see banks getting demands for records on his supporters/donors, and other requests for information on his supporters which is then used against them in any way possible to instill fear in anyone from supporting him – that’s when you realize we’ve already become Nazi Germany. I’m not the only person who has already laid out the connections between the power industry and crimes against humanity such as sex and drug trafficking. Realize in Brazil, their power and phone companies were literally owned by the Narcos. If ANYONE tried to go against the Narco’s – they knew every call you made and they also knew where you had electric power. It has been widely reported that anyone who tried to blow the whistle against a narco there, was dead before the next morning. I still can’t get definite proof they’ve even found Joe Conforte’s body for that matter who went missing at about the same time Dennis Hof died, his pilot died, and just weeks later I had this attempt at breaking down my door while Joe was missing. The “devil’s in the details” – don’t fall for this seemingly innocent bill.

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