Las Vegas Metro Police just trying to get Jody L. Williams to open her door late Monday night.

You might ask who is Jody L. Williams?

She is the one person who has confirmed many of the statements that San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Heinz Punschendorf made during the June 2018 election race for Sheriff. ” “Undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos was transported to LVMPD holding cell.” Heinz is the former President of the DSA and he was President on April 21, 2007 the night of the FBI Sting Operation Dollhouse. There was Nothing massage parlor about that night.

November 12, 2018 They threatened to break the door down and send the dog in. Why? I called LVMPD Dispatch that night to confirm it was in fact Metro Police Officers banging on Jody’s door. The nice female dispatcher told me she won’t open the door, I confirmed that she won’t. She said they just want to ask her some questions, I said if that is true call her on the phone she will be more than happy to speak with them on the phone. I asked the dispatcher to inform the officers that I had called regarding Jody Williams and them refusing to tell her why they were there, and to call her on the phone if that in fact was the real motive for them being there at 9:30PM just stopped by to ask a few questions….About What?

Jody informed me the officers left about 10 minutes after my call. Metro did NOT call that night or the next day to “ask some questions.”

Hint: April 21, 2007 Las Vegas Nevada, FBI Sting Operation Dollhouse Witness, Involving Sheriff Greg Munks & Undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos.

Update 11/17.2018 The Siena Suites Hotel is on Notice that they are responsible for the safety of Jody Williams and her daughter from the Las Vegas Metro Police who are right outside her door this very moment, Metro Dispatch confirmed they were there per my phone call at 9:35AM She refused to say why they there.  If it really was for an event for My Father’s House Church you would think she would tell me.
The photo of door was from Metro’s visit Monday night 9:30PM to ask a few questions.

Keep Jody L. Williams alive and well.

Here are the types of videos LVMP puts up:

Here is what the front of her door looked like after banging on it and threatening to break the door down and send in a K-9 for about 40 minutes. They could have just called her or politely knocked on the door, if they really wanted to ask her some questions.


Update November 17, 2018 New Notice up at Jody’s today.




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One response to “Las Vegas Metro Police just trying to get Jody L. Williams to open her door late Monday night.

  1. I should leave an update about this event for your readers. It was about October 14, 2018, that Dennis Hof passed away. I had called the Nye County Sheriffs’ office demanding that a full autopsy be done on him. This was because Joe Conforte had been missing in Brazil for a time also. Since Dennis had been receiving threats, and also because he had just filed a lawsuit in June against basically the Nye County sheriff and the state of Nevada for harassment, I was concerned there was something “fishy” about his death. On November 1st I got a notice slapped on my door that we had new owners in the hotel and thus a new security company – Reliance Security. I looked them up and saw that Steve Rybar was their co-founder, who was not only a retired FBI agent, but he had been involved with Joe Conforte in stealing evidence from a judge’s house when he was under investigation by the organized crime unit. I literally had turned to my daughter and said “we need to move”. The attack on my door was on November 12, 2018. It was like the next day that I saw these flyers going out that this church was going to give away turkeys for Thanksgiving and if you wanted one, you just had to attend their social which was to be held in the parking lot of the hotel. I spoke to my neighbors about this – and they were told if they filled out information cards, they got a free turkey. I then contacted this “church” to discover there was no such church anymore. There HAD been a church by that name and location, but according to the people I spoke to – they’d closed down a few months ago. When I asked about this event, they said “Oh Metro was working on something”. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was shortly after the attack on my door that I got a message from Michael to check my email. When I checked my email, there was a link to a Facebook page. When I opened this page, there was a live feed pointed DIRECTLY AT MY FRONT DOOR. Meaning had I opened my front door, I’d be on Candid Camera. Now, one is not allowed to record on private property like my parking lot was without the “owners’ consent”. I reached out to the manager I knew there – and was told he had been fired as of November 1, 2018. I then wondered who the new owners were as of October 31, 2018 that would give consent for this event. I found it was a bank who is basically a processor for Facebook that now owned the Siena Suites. I then discovered Reliance Security was the security agency who was in charge of almost all of the “weekly apartments” such as I was in, but also frankly almost all of the strippers and prostitutes also reside in. In fact, if you go to work at some of the local strip clubs in Vegas, they even assist you into getting a unit at one of the same buildings that Reliance does security for – meaning they also have a key to your unit. I had a separate security device on my door meaning you couldn’t open my door with a key. Thank God I had dog pads because I was not going to open my door while in doing so, I’d be put on this live feed going out to Facebook that was pointed at my door for three days while they hosted this turkey give away – fishing for information. I then spoke to some of my neighbors who told me they got calls after filling out these cards asking if they knew anything about me. One of them was offered money to report on my activities he claimed. Someone was then watching my unit until I was able to get moved out of there on December 24, 2018. Why? No idea. The new house i moved into – as I said on another comment, I had to go through a “fraud” process with the power company to get service at the new address. I then punched in my address on Google Maps – and you could see my things in the garage. Meaning I had just moved into that house that day and by that evening, this house was now on Google Maps showing my things – kind of coincidental Google Maps was updating my street on that exact day don’t you think? I should add Facebook has now been convicted of sex trafficking in Nevada, among other things as to why they’re changing their name now. It gets better. Three years before I had kicked a man and woman out of the Sex Workers Anonymous phone meeting because I suspected they were “police informants”. After the Facebook live feed stopped, but before I could move out of the Siena Suites, I get a call from this woman. She’s just “wanting to talk”. I had no interest in talking to her so i cut her off. She then called the man and together they contacted Metro and claimed I needed a “welfare check” done on me. What this does is it allows police to enter your property without a warrant – like was done with Vanessa Marquez in Pasadena, California. Now before they can break down your door to check on you, they have to establish you’re home. The hotel phone rang. I got a very “bad vibe” also because no one had that hotel room number to call me on that phone. So I didn’t answer it. I did get a call later from another SWA member telling me these two had called her saying they were “in fear I’d killed myself” and begging her for my address. She didn’t know it – no one knew it. But someone rang that phone and thankfully I didn’t answer the phone or I might have ended up like Vanessa Marquez. I’m not suicidal nor have I ever been. These events are why I’ve given power of attorney to certain people that should I wind up dead in the future, they have the power to have my body checked by an independent medical examiner because I have no intention of joining the list of people who are healthy who wind up dead like Dennis Hof or Jody Gibson, or a suicide claim like they did Jeane Palfrey, Sylvia Landry, Brandi Britton, or I can go on. I’d like people to understand taxpayer money and resources is going into whatever this is going on. I frankly wish they’d just leave me and my daughter and the members of SWA alone. And until charges are filed against Snoop Dogg for his confessed pimping during his 2003 Playboy sponsored tour -which he confessed to in Rolling Stone – then I don’t want to hear they give a damn about sex trafficking or arresting traffickers. Especially not after the Mally Mall situation in Nevada – which by the way IS connected to Operation Dollhouse which the Board of Supervisors refuses to investigate even though I’m now literally afraid to even leave my house and always have to keep the security cam on my door.

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