Mark Church, San Mateo County Elections does it again.


Today November 21, 2018 The elections office shows a new and larger number of mail ballots that were received by 9:00PM November 9, 2018. The new number is 260,000 the previous number was 258,015. That is a 1985 ballot difference.

According to those numbers a total of 286,210 ballots have been received. When you add the 260,000 plus the 26,210 on Election Day . He is reporting that 247,256 ballots have been tallied that leaves 38,966 to be tallied.

The San Mateo Daily Journal which has a readership of 84,000 people per day has reported 12,744 ballots to be counted/tallied. Simply not true or accurate.

Measure W which has been failing consistently so far is now inching closer to pass.

Mark Church should be counting the ballots instead he takes time to write a public relations piece in the SMDJ.

Time for Audit

Mark Church’s PR letter

San Mateo Daily Journal 12,744


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3 responses to “Mark Church, San Mateo County Elections does it again.

  1. Brent Turner

    Security disaster

  2. When you think of all the power players behind the Yes on Measure W campaign, Hanson Bridgett LLP, Mark Simon, Kevin Mullin, Gene Mullin, San Mateo County Democratic Committee, Save the Bay, Jim Hartnett & wife Rosanne Faust aka SAMCEDA, FB. Mid Peninsula Housing, Don Horsley, Warren Slocum, Carole Groom, Dave Pine, David Canepa, and San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, Coroner Robert Fourcault.
    $1,500,000 raised by the Yes on W vs. $5,700 raised for No on W.

    I should mention that Mark Simon chose not to publicly endorse yet he claims he is the genius of it.

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