San Mateo County’s Measure W Fails.



Based on the information from San Mateo County Election Office there was a total of 286,210 ballots received, of that amount 265,793 ballots tallied a total 249,288 voted either yes or no for Measure W. That also means that 16,605 votes were not tallied or didn’t vote either way for Measure W. = 6.24% of the 265,793.

With a total of 20,417 remaining ballots to be tallied, minus the 6,24% No tally or vote for Measure W average leaves 19,149 votes to be tallied. The Yes on Measure W would have to get 68.7% of the remaining ballots “and they are statistically unlikely to meet the necessary threshold”.

With that information We are calling Measure W Failed.

Total Registered Voters 399,591, 286,210 Voted = 72% Turnout


San Mateo County Elections Office should display:

Registered Voters                                                             399,591         100.0%

Total Ballots Received (turn out)                                  286,210           72.0%

               Vote by Mail                                                       260,000           65.1%

               Vote Center                                                           26,210             6.7%

Total Ballots Counted                                                       265,793          53.3%

Ballots received, damaged or challenged                       #####           ##.#%

Ballots received but not counted                                     20,417             5.1%

Credit Thomas Weissmiller

By Michael G. Stogner

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