San Mateo Daily Journal misleading readers again. Missed all three numbers Why?


San Mateo Daily Journal misleading the residents/voters again.

“Nearly 260,000 ballots have been received so far. Of the ballots received, 237,000 have been counted. About 23,000 ballots are left to count at the Elections Office

Ballots received is 286,210 not nearly 260,000

Ballots tallied/counted is 265,793 not 237,000

Ballots remaining to be tallied counted is 20,417 not about 23,000

Election update has movement

Measure W close to passing, Reddy extends her lead

  • Updated
About 23,000 ballots are left to count at the Elections Office, according to an update Wednesday afternoon that showed some changes from the last tally in some close races.

After moving into third place in the Redwood City Council race over Rick Hunter for three open seats, Diana Reddy has grown that lead to 99 votes.

Two closely watched tax measures — Measure W, a half-cent sales tax for SamTrans and transportation improvements, and Measure V, a $298 parcel tax for the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District — moved more in a positive direction, with V solidifying its passage with 67.63 percent. It needs 66.67 percent to pass. Measure W, which also requires two-thirds approval, had its support jump to 66.51 percent of the vote.

Richa Awasthi further solidified her standing for the second open seat on the Foster City Council, and South San Francisco Councilman Pradeep Gupta is still appearing to fall short of re-election.

In Redwood City, Giselle Hale, who has 18.2 percent and a total of 11,700 votes, and Diane Howard, who has 17.1 percent and 10,993 total votes, have solidified their leads. Reddy has 16.05 percent and 10,316 votes compared to Hunter’s 15.89 percent and 10,217 votes, with 99 votes separating them. They have received 10,316 and 10,217 total votes respectively.

The Foster City Council contest continues to solidify. Sanjay Gehani led from the beginning and clinched a seat with 26.81 percent and 4,923 total votes, and Awasthi continues to have a more comfortable lead in the battle for the second open seat. She currently has 19.32 percent of the vote and 3,548 total votes and is followed by Patrick Sullivan, who has 18.29 percent of the vote and 3,358 total votes.

In the South San Francisco City Council race, results held from the last update with frontrunner incumbent Mark Addiego remaining the top vote getter, followed by challengers Mark Nagales and Flor Nicolas respectively. Incumbent Gupta still lingers in fourth place, with 7,488 votes, behind Nicolas by 148 votes and Nagales by 483 votes.

The bond measure designed to finance reconstruction of the Millbrae Recreation Center gained a few percentage points, as Measure II is now at 62.21 percent of the vote according to last count. It needs a supermajority to pass.

In Half Moon Bay, Robert Brownstone, who has 19.11 percent and 2,306 total votes, already clinched the third open seat over Virginia Turezyn, who has 16.4 percent and 1,669 total votes. Incumbents Deborah Penrose and Debbie Ruddock were the top two vote getters

Nearly 260,000 ballots have been received so far. Of the ballots received, 237,000 have been counted. More results are scheduled to come out Friday, Nov. 23, and on other days if needed.


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