San Mateo County Elected Official Mark Church just added 3,078 ballots. 19 days after the election.


November 6, 2018 Election Results Statewide General Election

Total Paper Ballots received as of the deadline of 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 9, 2018: 260,002​

This number is a raw count estimate (not tallied) that is determined by our electronic sorter. It is subject to change and updated daily as ballots received by the deadline continue to be processed by the electronic sorter.

The above number does not include Conditional Voter Registration Provisional Ballots and Regular Provisional Ballots which are processed after all regular ballots are processed and tallied.

Total Electronic Ballots cast and tallied on eSlate Voting Machines: 26,210 


Vote Center Ballots Cast 29,286 7.3%

Stogner asked Mark Church to resign 2010 to save taxpayers $1.1M

SMC Elections Results

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One response to “San Mateo County Elected Official Mark Church just added 3,078 ballots. 19 days after the election.

  1. Brent Turner

    The plot continues to thicken

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