Measure W

published 12/3/2018 SMDJ


I’m not sure when Election Day morphed into election season, but it stretches credulity to believe that San Mateo County, situated in the technological capital of the world, would need over three weeks to assure that the “right” outcome was achieved. Even Florida seems competent by comparison.

I was particularly fascinated that as each day’s count was updated, the tax measures slowly inched toward passage. Apparently, those voters who had ballots that couldn’t be read by machines voted for a tax increase at a much higher rate than than those who had no issues with their ballot. Seems strange to me, but then we all know just how important ever increasing taxes are to public agencies.

While Chief Elections Officer Mr. Mark Church gives a somewhat cavalier response about using “the best practice,” he should be embarrassed that issues like this arise on his watch.  Do I sound a little skeptical about these results? I certainly hope so. With issues like this all over the country every election cycle, it’s no wonder more and more people have become cynical about the whole process.

Richard Quadri


The seven advertising businesses aka Newspapers all know that San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Heinz Puschebdorf is requesting the recount by hand of Measure W. One issue was Mark Church never acknowledged how many ballots were printed in the first place. That is the most important number to Deputy Puschendorf, and should be to the residents of San Mateo County.

By Michael G. Stogner

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