Supervisor David Canepa, Please pretend you are interested. Chinedu Oboki was murdered there is nothing more important.

Yesterday I almost interrupted several speakers at the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Meeting during the Public Comment period to wait until Supervisor Canepa was finished fidgeting and could look them in the eye. As it turned out he was unable to do that for the speakers talking about the Murder of Chinedu Oboki by 6 San Mateo County Sheriff Employees. I knew what the speakers had sacrificed to get to this meeting to stand up in public and share their thoughts for 2 minutes. Some for the first time in their life, speaking to the elected leaders of their County, the Supervisors the name says it all.

I have spoken to the Board of Supervisors for 19 years as have many Good Concerned Citizens. I chose not to speak about the Murder of Chinedu Oboki by a gang of San Mateo County Sheriff Employees because of David Canepas’ behavior and disrespect to all of the speakers yesterday. There were several important subjects the public talked about yesterday. Mr. Canapa was able to look like he was interested for the others the SMC Employees just trying to earn a decent wage, The recount of the $2.4B Measure W by former DSA President, Sheriff Deputy Heintz Puschendorf.

I know it is not comfortable to talk about murder in public, the speakers did an excellent job, sharing their sadness, outrage, and their demands for the obvious the release of all videos and audio recording today. The reason is simple the Sheriff and the District Attorney of San Mateo County made statements about a man that SMC murdered to make it look like somehow he deserved to be killed. The recordings which belong to the Public would answer those important points. The public does not feel safe or trust the statements of Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, and Coroner Robert Foucrault.

Release the recordings today, to verify if the Sheriff and District Attorney lied to the public. The 6 gang members should be on administrative leave and stay home until the investigation is complete. Sheriff Carlos Bolanos has them working instead and one was on duty at the entrance to the 400 County Center Building yesterday to be in plain site as the speakers entered and had their belongings checked through the security. Sheriff Bolanos knows Steve Wagstaffe and John Warren are going to clear his team.

I couldn’t help but think “These are my People” yesterday. I’m talking about all the Good and Concerned Citizens that showed up to speak or just hold signs. I am not talking about the 5 Supervisors, County Manager, County Counsel, Sheriff or District Attorney.

Yesterday was a warning to the County Leaders both elected and appointed aka “Those Who Matter” This is a Critical Issue, Do your Job, Supervise Release the Recordings Today.

President of Supervisors Dave Pine should have remained quiet when the speakers finished, instead he showed the public all they needed to know by explaining what Wagstaffe was doing.

12/5/2018 SMDJ Misinformation Piece

By Michael G. Stogner


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4 responses to “Supervisor David Canepa, Please pretend you are interested. Chinedu Oboki was murdered there is nothing more important.

  1. Brent Turner

    I think Canepa is interested.. albeit fidgity .. just my take

  2. Tee

    Though this article is two years old it more relevant than ever, especially in understanding what Canepa and other local officials stand for. SMC incumbents must rethink about how racist ideas and policy works in them as individuals, in their communities, in our systems. Voting is around the corner.

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