SMC Sealed & Secret Court Orders. Hon.Judge Jeffrey R. Finnigan

I call this “Operation Loose Ends” The dots to be connected here are Operation Doll House April 21, 2007, Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez criminal case.

Jody Loren Williams case number 18-SM-009489-A

This Judge signed a Warrant of Arrest for a Misdemeanor, The Police report was sealed, The secret Search Warrant was sealed. The crime she allegedly unlawfully advertised herself as practicing and entitled to practice law between May 8, and July 26 2018. The warrant is for a failure to appear, which she had no idea she was invited.

Finigan, Jeffrey photo

San Mateo County Judge Raymond Swope is getting international attention for sealing Facebooks e-mails. The keyword here is Sealed. Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

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