Jim Sutton Yes on Measure W attorney objects.



Who hired Attorney Jim Sutton? He showed up at 40 Tower Road and objected to a minuscule amount of ballots being audited. He wanted it to be official and go on the record that he objected to this action.

“It’s shocking that they had 4 Supervisors and 12 employees working 8 or 9 hours working on this all because the losing side kind of brow beat them into doing so.”

“Under the law the only way that one side has the right to ask for documents to be re-reviewed is through a recount that they pay for.” That is true, That is where San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Heinz Puschendorf comes into play. He as a citizen resident and voter in SMC is doing just that. A recount by hand of every single ballot for Measure W.

Heinz Puschendorf BOS meeting 12/4/2018

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