SMCSO Sergeant David Weidner – “Crush the life out of him.” Chinedu Okobi was Murdered.

NAMI San Mateo County Press Release


SMCSO Sgt. David Weidner

Kate Amoo-Gottfried’s comments to the SMC Board of Supervisors 12/11/2018:

Why are Supervisors Dave Pine, David Canepa, Don Horsley, Warren Slocum, & Carole Groom County Manager Mike Callagy, and County Counsel John Beiers protecting the Six San Mateo County Employees responsible for his death.

To read the full statement of Chinedu’s sister, Ebele Okobi about the police video and audio of her brother’s murder, click the link below:


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5 responses to “SMCSO Sergeant David Weidner – “Crush the life out of him.” Chinedu Okobi was Murdered.

  1. Regina S Islas

    Thank you Michael Stogner for capturing and publishing Kate Amoo-Gottfried’s powerful remarks. The truth is powerful, we will continue to speak it, show up and persist until Justice is served.

    • When I read this, it just confirms my decision to protect my life by not appearing in a San Mateo court to try and defeat a completely bogus illegal arrest warrant that was sworn out against me. These people are murderers. THIS is the same kind of thing that was happening in LA that gave rise to the riots. Ironically when the CIA organized black youth to do their cocaine distribution, they also organized them for the first time. Their CRASH unit wasn’t created to defeat gangs, but to identify them for their personal use in Iran Contra to distribute drugs throughout the area. Then lie to the media about what was going on also. This frustration is what led to the riots. Learning their lesson, they’re now attacking more and more “civilians” who aren’t organized. These are the reasons why the Black Panthers started organizing to do something about the war that was waged on them. If you want to organize, please contact Jody Williams at

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  3. Andy Rule

    My unarmed son, Branch Wroth, was killed when 5 heavily-armed men entered his motel room and beat him to death in Rohnert Park, California, on May 12, 2017. The heavily-armed thugs were cops. Anyone doing research on tasers should check out the ‘files’ section of the Facebook group DDOG – Due Diligence Oversight Group, which was created after my son was murdered. R.I.P. Mr. Oboki. 😦

  4. A Concerned Citizen

    San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputies have been framing and overreacting to non-threatening citizens for decades. The reason this is tolerated is the rich of the county hire high priced attorneys and buy their innocence while the less fortunate fall thru the cracks and are incarcerated keeping the steady flow of cash paid to the county for bodies in a cell!!
    From the very sad video of the incident where another person was murdered by the police/sheriffs with their mantra of, “Better them than us!” only perpetuates the negative display of some in law enforcement, NOT ALL, who shouldn’t wear a badge and when there is definitive evidence of abuse leading to a crime then the deputies, police “MUST” be put before a court.
    David Weidner has a questionable past that has been conveniently covered up and justified by the SMSO however the voices of the innocent are louder than those who try to quiet our angst.

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