Regina Islas to SMC Supervisors, Chinedu Okobi R.I.P. & others killed by Police.

December 11, 2018 She also took the time out of her busy life to request the release of the videos and audio recordings of the Murder of Chinedu Oboki December 4, 2018. Why would Good Citizens have to ask Dave Pine, Warren Slocum, Don Horsley, Carole Groom and David Canepa to do their job. Why wouldn’t they have done this themselves as soon as they became aware of the murder of an unarmed man who had committed no crime by 5 Sheriff Deputies in the middle of the day in Millbrae, California.

The recordings will confirm the “CRUSH THE LIFE OUT OF HIM.”statement by Sgt David Weidner to his four deputies.


SMCSO Sgt. David Weidner

You would think Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, D.A. Steve Wagstaffe, County Manager Mike Callagy, County Counsel John Beiers, the above Supervisors and every Elected Official in San Mateo County would want to know the truth about Chinedu Okobi being Murdered.

To this day I know of only one elected official who has bothered to ask, Do you think Chinedu Okobi was murdered?  That was Sabrina Brennan.


💔SMC MURDERING PEOPLE OF COLOR since 2000 partial list.
Kyle Hart, killed last night December 10, 2018 by RWC police.
Chinedu Valentine Okobi 10/3/2018
Ramsey Saad 8/13/2018
Warren Ragudo 1/16/2018
Marco Antonio Carlos 12/30/2017
Jerry Lee Matheny 11/11/2014
Yanira Serrano-Garcia 6/3/2014
Errol Chang 3/19/2014
Ryan Salonga 10/22/2013
Robert Caron 2/28/2011
Edgar Jonathan Aristondo 8/16/2010
Edward Allen Reyes 1/3/2008
Adam Nicholas Ramirez 7/20/2007
Maikeli Iongi 12/22/2006
Stanley Wong 9/4/2006
Julio Armando Ayala 4/3/2005
Fernando Cazares 3/15/2005
Kamal Lal 3/6/2005
Evaristo Barajas 1/2/2005
Gregory Saulsbury Jr. 1/2/2005
Ricardo “Ricky” Escobedo 11/17/2002
Frederick Moraga 11/3/2002
Wayne Christopher Sherlock 12/19/2000
Richard Jerome Spencer 11/23/2000
Russell Allen Selander 4/6/2000
Anthony Ramos 2/28/2000

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