Sheriff Deputy Mark Melville Retires



Tomorrow Saturday Jan 12, 2018 will be Deputy Mark Melville last day as a SMCSO Deputy. Now might be a great time to say Thank You to him if you see him on patrol.

Mark recently ran for Sheriff and told every single editor that Carlos Bolanos is a Liar. Had any of them published that statement he would be the Sheriff of San Mateo County today. Talk about influencing an election.

KQED Mark Melville calls boss Carlos G. Bolanos a Liar

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One response to “Sheriff Deputy Mark Melville Retires

  1. Mark J De Paula

    Good job, Michael Stogner. The local advertising papers and ABC (KGO) TV were not interested in this major story. The local advertising papers said they had new evidence that appointed SMC Sheriff Bolanos was not inside the sex slave house, a lie. I gave the F.B.I. documents to the SMC Board of Supervisors in March of 2018. F.B.I. Pages 12 & 13 it stated a minor was involved. The house was a sex slave building (house), Las Vegas Nevada does not have legal brothels, 10 out of 17 counties in Nevada do not allow legal brothels.

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