Costco refuses to release Video or make comment on the killing of Kenneth French by Salvador Sanchez the LAPD Officer.

Salvador Sanchez has been identified as the off duty LAPD Officer who shot and killed Kenneth French. Shot both parents Russell and Paola French, who are in critical condition. It should be noted the LAPD and Corona Police Department have refused to identify Officer Salvador Sanchez for the last 5 days they still have not identified him. Credit goes to the reporters at the LATIMES.

Update: June 19, 2019 Authorities Officially Confirm what I reported yesterday.


The immediate releasing of the Costco Video and the Officers’ name is so important to Public Trust. For Five days we still don’t know How many shots were fired? Who was shot first? How many shots? Who was shot second? How many shots? Who’s was shot third? How many shots? Officer Salvador Sanchez did not claim he was fearful for his life. That came later from his attorney as it always does. Why did he shoot at all?

Why has Costco remained silent. They are not acting like a good neighbor or good citizen.

In San Mateo County last year Chinedu Okobi was killed on October 3, 2018 by 6 San Mateo County Sheriff Employees. Within hours of his death Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and his PIO Rosemary Blankswade issued a False News Release that stated as fact “He immediately assaulted the Deputy.” Both knew that was a lie, they left that statement on the Sheriff’s website for 5 months. The videos were not released for 5 months, as soon as they were the public knew Sheriff Bolanos and the District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe (who supported the false statement) promoted the lie.

Costco release the video today. The public can handle the truth.


Michael G. Stogner


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3 responses to “Costco refuses to release Video or make comment on the killing of Kenneth French by Salvador Sanchez the LAPD Officer.

  1. I don’t know why you want to paint the cops as the bad guys in eaither of these cases. Okobi was off his nut, running through traffic and then assaulted the law enforcement officer who tried to get him off the road.
    Kenneth French initiated an unprovoked attack that rendered an off-duty cop unconscious.
    In both these instances, the cops are being targeted by people and they should have our support for the difficult and dangerous work we ask them to do.

  2. patricia mulligan

    This story is so disturbing on so many levels. Being the mother of a special needs child myself its disgusting how this officer conducted himself, But lets look at some facts here you got UNARMED family , A mother who was shot in the BACK… A father who was shot and a mentally handicapped person dead. You have a COWARD cop pulling his weapon out and shooting in a public place because he was pushed to the ground by UNARMED man in cosco hurting nothing more then his ego , My other question is the dirt bag officer claims he was holding his son but then handed the child to his wife but then was knocked out . Which one is it ? He got knocked out, He was holding his son while knocked out or he was handing his son over to his wife while knocked out. Or maybe he was shooting his gun while knocked out,,,,, This idiot of a so called cop needs to be charged 1 count of murder 2 counts of attempted murder and shooting his gun in a public area when there is no one else firing a gun except the idiot cop.

  3. Thisiswhy

    If only a concealed carry citizen had been there and intervened with a bullet to HIS back to stop an obvious murder. This is why they fear an armed public. Accountability.

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