Two Murders in Two Days on Skyline. Both involved stabbings. Suspect Arrested and Hospitalized.


San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies arrested a suspect last night after firing at the car he was driving towards them. They had just located a man who was calling out for help, he had been stabbed and died at the scene. The night before they were up on Skyline for another murder case close by and about the same time in the evening.

The man arrested has been identified as Malik Dosouqui of Pacifica and has been hospitalized and not cleared to appear in court yet. Also the Sheriff’s Office is still working on both murder cases and have not provided the police reports to the District Attorney’s Office yet.

The June 17, 2019 first Murder victim is Abdulmalek Nasher of Pacifica went to the Skyline location in response to a call for service.

The June 18, 2019 second Murder victim is John Sione Pekipaki, of East Palo Alto. He was a Tow Truck driver who also went to the Skyline location because of a call for service.


By Michael G. Stogner

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