Hillsborough Resident Tiffany Li, Not Guilty of Murder. Why was Bail so High?


Attorney Geoffrey Carr & Tiffany Li

By Michael G. Stogner

Friday November 15, 2019 Tiffany Li was found not guilty.

How did San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office get this so wrong? District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said this was a circumstantial case. She has been separated from her two daughters this whole time.

What if Tiffany Li was not able to bail out of jail and she would have been in jail for three years before being found Not Guilty?

Tiffany Li was charged with the murder of Keith Green the father of her children three years ago. San Mateo County’s Highest Bail case in history $35,000,000.00. It’s been reported her family put up $70,000,000.00 in property for the bail so she could be out of jail and assist with her defense.

A recent delay in the case was caused by Olivier Adella, a key witness for the prosecution, was arrested on charges of contacting an ex-girlfriend who was a witness for the defense. Before Adella became a key witness he was charged with the murder and held on a NO Bail status. When did he become a key witness and why? What did he get in return?

The trial lasted more than 2 months with 12 days of jury deliberations.

The Judge was Hon. Judge Robert Foiles.

San Mateo County District Attorney Bryan Abanto was the Prosecutor.

Defense Attorneys Geoffrey Carr and May Mar.


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