Mark Melville Candidate for SMC Sheriff 2022


Retired Deputy Mark Melville is running for Sheriff of San Mateo County in 2022.

By Michael G. Stogner

In the 2018 Election Mark Melville got 52,996 votes which was 40% of the 172,168 Ballots cast. 38,140 ballots or 22% of total ballots DID NOT vote for Sheriff according to the San Mateo County Elections Office website. Most of the residents of San Mateo County don’t realize that they are responsible for the behavior and conduct of their Sheriff. The Sheriff Office employees 800 people who are trusted to provide law enforcement services throughout the County. There is ZERO Oversight of this agency.

Melville stands a much better chance to win now that he has the time to get his message out to the voters. That includes the uphill battle to counter the False information provided to the public by the print media. Example SMDJ “Although an initial news report located Bolanos in the brothel with Munks, later reports indicated he was outside the entire time. I have asked Jon Mays to provide a copy of the Later Reports he has not.

Mark Melville was very direct and specific when talking about his boss Carlos G. Bolanos. “He’s a Liar,” That would have been good information for the SMDJ to pass on to their 84,000 readers/voters of San Mateo County. They choose not to and instead said “We Believe Him.”

KQED Interview

I don’t know if Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has any plans to run for re-election in 2022. I do know he didn’t like to attend candidate forums with Mark Melville present.

As far a transparency goes, Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has refused to provide the Booking Photo of Sheriff Sergeant Lou Aquino for his September 14, 2019 DUI Arrest by the Redwood City Police Department. I asked Candidate Melville as Sheriff would he release that photo? His answer was Yes. That was refreshing, it’s pretty simple that Booking Photo is Public Information. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has issued several False News Releases regarding the October 3, 2018 In-Custody Homicide of Chinedu Okobi by six Sheriff Employees. He has refused to respond to several requests regarding the False Information.

Contact Information for Mark Melville: call / text at campaign cell number 650-730-3187

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