Ed Barberini is San Mateo Police Chief.

By Michael G. Stogner


He starts February 3, 2020

All San Mateo County Cities and government officials claim that they have found the perfect guy or gal only after an “extensive national search,” A month long National Search etc. Mike Nevin, Jim Hartnett and now Ed Barberini come to mind.

City Manager Drew Corbett said Barberini was chosen because of his diverse law enforcement background and experience in the county.

Why did he leave the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office?

What was his position when the Sheriff and UnderSheriff were caught and detained inside a Human Trafficked Sex Slave residence which included at least one minor April 21, 2007. What was his position when Undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos went to the media the day and promoted a False Story about the massage parlor mix up. Similar to the Epstein Prosecutors False Story calling the children victims Prostitutes. What was his position in 2010 when a Brave Female San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy reported 45 Sheriff Employees receiving Porn and Rape Videos on the County Server and Sheriff Computers. One San Mateo County Sheriff Employee sending it to the 45. What was his position when UnderSheriff Bolanos interfered in an Investigation involving his son 2011.  Most recently the October 3, 2018 in San Bruno Homicide of Chinedu Okobi by Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees,

Did he speak out about any of this?

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One response to “Ed Barberini is San Mateo Police Chief.

  1. Gil Rodriguez

    Carlos Bolanos is a corrupt politician and even worse – a PEDOPHILE!!

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