Chinedu Okobi In-Custody Homicide. SMCDA Inspector Gregory Giguiere got it right. 6 Involved Parties

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors met in Closed Session yesterday Jan. 14, 2020 to discuss settling the Maureen Okobi vs. San Mateo County and 5 of its 6 Employees case.

Maureen Okobi is the mother Chinedu Okobi who was legally walking down the sidewalk on the Millbrae side of El Camino Real at 1:00PM on Wednesday October 3, 2018. After interacting with SIX San Mateo County Sheriff Employees for 9:10 he was completely Unresponsive. When a monitor was put on him 10 minutes later it was Flatlined. At San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office closed to the public Press Conference on March 1, 2019 Steve Wagstaffe was asked by KQED Reporter Julie Small “What was the Manner of Death?” At that point he confirmed what SMCCO Deputy Coroner Heather Diaz reported in December 2018. Chinedu Okobi’s death was ruled a Homicide.

The only San Mateo County District Attorney Employee to Include SMCSO Employee civilian CSO Joseph Gonzales was SMCDA Inspector Gregory Giguiere 80215

October 3, 2018 2:50PM

San Mateo County Sheriff Sgt. Trickett was the Incident Commander at the scene. He identified the “Involved Parties.”

Involved Parties:

Sergeant David Weidner

Deputy Joshua Wang

Deputy Alyssa Lorenzatti

Deputy John Demartini

Deputy Bryan Watt

Community Service Officer (CSO) Joseph Gonzales

So the question is Who & How many San Mateo County Employees/Elected Officials had knowledge and were involved in the False Narrative of FIVE SMCSO INVOLVED PARTIES.

It’s pretty simple if you are willing to Falsify Police Reports, and produce 3 False Sheriff News Releases (Sheriff Carlos Bolanos & PIO Rosemary Blankswade) Why should the residents of San Mateo County believe anything you say or report?

Video prepared and provided by SMCDA on March 1, 2019

7:21 mark clearly shows CSO Joseph Gonzales spraying O.C. that equals Involved.

Get involved San Mateo County Residents, you are responsible for your elected officials behavior.

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