Former San Mateo Police Officer Noah Winchester Sentenced to 81 years to life.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sexually assaulting five women while on duty.

This morning Jan 16, 2020, In San Mateo County Superior Court, 400 County Center Redwood City.
San Mateo County prosecutor Alpana Samant asked for 89 years to life in prison.  The defense asked for 10 years, 8 month state prison.  The Hon. Judge Lisa Novak sentenced Noah White Winchester to 81 years to life in prison.

22 charges were filed against a former San Mateo police officer accused of sexually assaulting five women while on duty.

This is still the big question for parents of Daughters, what do you tell them about interacting with Police Officers. Should they pull over right away if they get lit up or continue driving to a very public location. San Mateo County Law Enforcement and the Supervisors have never addressed this very serious issue. Perhaps they should.


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5 responses to “Former San Mateo Police Officer Noah Winchester Sentenced to 81 years to life.

  1. Karen

    If you keep driving they draw guns and act like you are resisting arrest there has to be a solution and a woman driving alone should be allowed to pull over to a gas station or publicly lure safe area without resisting arrest

  2. Turn on your hazard flashers, and your inside dome light. Proceed at a safe speed to a safe location. If you have a hands free phone, you might consider calling 911 and telling the dispatcher where you are and why you haven’t pulled over yet. They can relay that to the officer, who should understand your concern.

    • Charles

      while I applaud you for thinking of something(s) to do here, in this situation, this is what I think: Hazards, yes. Dome light, No. (Might scare the officer into thinking you are either looking for something or hiding something. I would call 911 if this was occurring on a freeway only, as 911 directs you to HWY Patrol, not a local police department. I’ve actually went through this before, not for fear, but because I didn’t want to be parked on the freeway late at night and get hit by another car. I just drove normal speed, no weird movements, looking for the next exit that never came. When he started to yell on his loud speaker and flash the spot light around, I gave up looking for a safe spot.

  3. Dulcevictoria

    There used to be a woman a long time ago one that had a scar on her face and was lesbians I was young and stupid and never reported that woman she was nasty cop🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  4. Cindy

    Happened to me when I was 19 in East Palo Alto. The cop, knowing I was vulnerable took advantage

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