Who was the Bailiff for Judge Lisa Novak January 4-5 2017?


By Michael G. Stogner

I would like to personally thank Him/Her for doing their job and honoring the Oath they took. Since 1998 I have known that crimes are being committed in San Mateo County Courtrooms in front of Sheriff Deputies who are sworn officers. They have a Duty to protect the Public.

This for the moment unknown Sheriff Deputy did the right thing. He/She informed Hon. Judge Lisa Novak that he had personally viewed the Video that Sheriff Sergeant Michael Edward Otte just testified to under oath & the penalty of Perjury that he never took with his personal cellphone. At the June 20, 2017 Judges Meeting, she informed the judges in attendance that She had made a finding that SMCSO Sergeant Michael E. Otte Perjured Himself in her courtroom. You would think that is Newsworthy not in San Mateo County.

Former Sheriff Sergeant Otte has quietly moved on and he has Invoked his 5th amendment rights.

Who in SMC knew about this Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, County Counsel John Beiers and Deputy Counsel David Silberman? Several Judges,

You would have thought the Government would have cut this case loose after this but that is not how it works in San Mateo County.

16-SM-001677-A | The People of the State of California vs. Rachel Amanda Quintana 

Think about that this for a moment, you are a woman who lives in Half Moon Bay, you have 2 brothers who recently had interactions with SMCSO who provide law enforcement services there. You take the time to personally go to the Substation and report your concerns about those interactions. A short time later YOU are arrested at your home, Sgt. Otte is videoing it on his cellphone. You are in the court system for 4 years. San Mateo County Counsel is going to inflict as much personal pain and suffering on you as possible.

I support Rachel Amanda Quintana.

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One response to “Who was the Bailiff for Judge Lisa Novak January 4-5 2017?

  1. Cheree Alma

    Hello my name is Cheree Alma
    The smcso and rcpd and other community agencies have been harrassing our family for decades…I am so glad my cousin and her children are ok…
    Thank you for your report and support in this serious matter..
    I only hope the corruption can be addressed and fixed…so other families won’t have to suffer the same level of harm. And be able to feel safe in our own community…

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