Congratulations to the Brave Residents of Foster City.

By Michael G. Stogner

Stacy Jimenez was the Recall Coordinator.

Most people are to busy, or don’t have enough information or desire to get involved to make a difference in San Mateo County Politics.

That is not what just happened in Foster City, Council member Herb Perez was RECALLED March 3, 2020. He was replaced by Jon Froomin.

Herb Perez said he did not commit any crimes and I would hope that is true, a recall has Nothing to do with criminal acts, that is for law enforcement a Recall is for the residents and voters its just that simple.

What Foster City just demonstrated could be duplicated at every City Council and the County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff & District Attorney Office.

Recall Perez FB page

This is what it takes.

September 19, 2019 ·

From Stacy Jimenez:

I want to remind every courageous soul who signed the petition to recall Herb Perez that your signature is safe and confidential. It is a criminal offense to allow those signatures to be viewed by anyone other than the county officials tasked with signature verification and those initial 24 residents who signed the “Notice of Intent to Recall” Herb Perez will not be allowed to view the signatures, and his attempts to bully some of you into revoking your signature out of fear he will be able to view your signature has absolutely no merit. The county officials are incredibly professional and capable and they will not allow any lapse in protocol – they are not only required by law but committed to an ethical and legal process of signature count and verification.

Jeff Regan, an organizer for the recall, said about the recall effort, “It’s because when a resident goes up to speak publicly and gets treated with disdain — that blocks democracy and it’s an intimidation tactic. At a certain point, enough is enough.”

This is how you do it Recall Video

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