Supervisors approve Funding for Seaton Medical Center Hospital.

By Michael G. Stogner

March 10, 2020 Special Meeting held at 3:00PM the Supervisors voted 4-1 (Supervisor Pine voted No) in favor of providing $20,000,000 at $5,000,000 per year for 4 year term. The actual terms are not made yet and there are many variables that will take more time.

Supervisors Don Horsley and David Canepa had made the only motion/proposal to provide money. At one point Canepa called the $20M a loan. Now a loan is a much different subject and County Counsel John Beiers reminded Canepa that his motion was for a Grant not a loan. That is just one small example of how complicated this subject was.

The below ink is the Supervisor Meeting and Vote it starts at 3:05 mark

Supervisor Meeting Video

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