Let’s not make the mistake of electing Joe Biden.

By Michael G. Stogner

This is a letter written by a friend of mine, Lamont Phemister. This letter rings true for me I left the Democratic Party several years ago.

Dear South Carolina Democratic Committee Friends,
I am an a Democrat voter and I work to elect Democrats.  Let’s not make the mistake of electing Joe Biden.  Joe Biden helped G.W. Bush foolishly invade Iraq.

Democrat voters want a president who will bring our troops home and end our march to world war.  I volunteered and served in Vietnam in 1963-64,  We had no combat troops on the ground then and no one shot at me.  It took me a long time to recognize we should never have intervened.  I grieve for the youngsters from my home town sent to Vietnam after I was out of the service.  They died for no good reason.  Lyndon Johnson put combat troops in Vietnam because he didn’t want to be seen as “losing Vietnam.”   Our Vietnam intervention was a tragic and foolish effort.  We didn’t have to intervene in Vietnam to save them from being ruled by China.  China invaded Vietnam  in 1979 after we left and the Vietnamese drove them out quickly without our help.   Our commander in Afghanistan recently said there is no victory in sight.  Surely buying minerals from Afghanistan is less expensive than trying to change their society with weapons.  

The leaders of our party don’t list ending our wars as a major objective.  Bernie does!  With $23 Trillion dollars in debt we rush to collapse.   This is foolish.

The leaders of our party are as bad as the Republicans about letting the super rich get ever growing shares of national wealth while small businesses and workers get less.   Bernie will lead us to restore the prosperity we had before Reagan started our national debt rising toward the clouds.   Cutting taxes whenyou have to borrow money to run the government is foolish.

What have Biden and the other the leaders of our party done to make health care available to all? If we are the richest nation on earth why do we let people suffer who can’t afford medical care in the US?  This is wrong and foolish.

Many ordinary voter think the Democratic Party does not act for them. If the Democrats don’t pick Bernie this time, I think the voters will leave the Democratic Party.
I have told my friends who have left the Democrats in disgust that we have to fix the Democratic Party, but maybe they are right.  Maybe we have to find another way for America to be a wise and  just nation.

Here below is the advertisement that I put in today’s Marion Star newspaper.
The largest newspaper in Southern Illinois refused my ad last week saying there was not enough time for Biden to reply before the election.
Lamont Phemister, 2212 West Melanie Lane, Unit B, Marion, IL 62959
Phone 618 993 8139


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