Foster City Has a Dishonest City Manager. Why is he still there?

By Michael G. Stogner

FC-Watchdog is a Citizen Oversight Committee that takes Action. That is very different then the San Mateo County Grand Jury that simply makes recommendations with little enforcement ability or desire.

This is the group of Citizens that successfully RECALLED Foster City Councilman Herb Perez in the March 3, 2020 election.

Now they have more work to do with City Manager Jeff Moneda, Why?

What do you do when you know your City Manager is Dishonest? The City Council Removes Him/Her Immediately of course, takes Keys away, thanks him for his service etc, States reason for termination in his/her personnel file. That is not how San Mateo County does it.

Foster City Manager Jeff Moneda guided the April 6, 2020 Meeting. Item 6-2 came up and he read the agenda item to the Council members and the public. He was responsible for the wordcrafting it was off topic and misleading to say the least. Dishonest # 1

The subject matter was supposed to be Non-payment of Sponsorship Fees by a Councilman.

Mr. Jeff Moneda declares he first became aware of this issue September 17, 2020. Dishonest # 2

June 2019 Mr. Moneda wrote a letter to Mr. Perez thanking him for his donation of $74,845.36. That is at least three months before September 17, 2019.

Mr. Jeff Moneda declared that sponsorship non-payments occurred only last year. Dishonest # 3

It has been happening since 2014. The following are unpaid fees by year. 2014-$1,000, 2015-$1,000, 2017-$9,500, 2018-$5,000, 2029-$4,000

Mr. Jeff Moneda mentioned that residents conducted their own audits and came up with different figures without providing the rationale behind it. Dishonest # 4

The supporting documents were submitted by the residents.

Mr. Jeff Moneda “We would have to sit down with those residents, go over those numbers and reconcile with ours, but we have not done that with these residents.” Dishonest # 5

Mr. Jeff Moneda fails to mention that he agreed to a meeting date, then cancelled it the next day and NEVER rescheduled it.

F.C. Meeting April 6, 2020 49:30 mark Agenda Item 6-2

Mr. Jeff Moneda turned in his resignation letter the next day after this meeting where he misled the entire council. He is still there until June 7, 2020.

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