San Mateo County District Attorney is Prosecuting Shelter in Place Violations.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has confirmed that his office has filed 3 cases of Shelter in Place Violations a Health and Safety Code section 120175 and that is a misdemeanor.

“We have had three cases submitted to our office by law enforcement in this county so far and we filed all three misdemeanor cases.  There may be additional misdemeanor citations issued by law enforcement but the citations and police reports have not been submitted to my office yet.  The reason is that the persons cited are not arrested and taken into custody; they are issued the misdemeanor citation with a court appearance date usually about 8 weeks off. The police agency may not send the police report over to us for several weeks.” 

San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow’s Order has a 5 Mile Restriction from your residence, and Face covering requirement. Fine can be $1,000 plus jail. Law Enforcement have License Plate readers so not very hard to determine if your car is more than 5 miles from your residence. Some people have informed the Sheriff’s Office that they are ok with the fine. They are missing the point, their behavior could cause others to get sick.

Remember there is no cure, no vaccine, Stay Home, Save Lives.

Every Law Enforcement Agency in San Mateo County should be enforcing this Public Health Order. This is not the same as a parking ticket. Ask yourself is it worth $1,000 per adult to go to the beach?


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9 responses to “San Mateo County District Attorney is Prosecuting Shelter in Place Violations.

  1. What about people who are doing work that is considered to be essential under the law and need to drive more than 5 miles for that? What if they do that frequently?

  2. David That is a Great question most likely solved at the Law Enforcement Street Level, What I call the Meet and Greet, if License Plate Readers are involved and you get pulled over the first time, you can explain the exemption and off you go. I don’t know if the info could be put into the License Plate Reader Data so next time it shows you are more then 5 miles from residence and you are heading towards your work etc. I’m sure this is going to be a work in progress.

  3. Oh, I see. Should have read more carefully. I had the impression that street cameras were reading license plates and citations were issued automatically and remotely. If it is individual police that are stopping motorists, then explanation can occur on the spot.

  4. Eric

    Wow talk about a fascist state. How does me driving 10 miles from my house to take a walk thru the woodd socially distancing get other people sick? Love to hear the answer to that.

    • 💁🏼‍♀️ F-you

      It’s a test to see how far they can shove communism down our throats without a peep from the fraidy cats.

  5. How Was the $1,000.00 fine determined .. Why So Much?? .. There Goes Our Stimulus .. Always About The Money.. Bottom Line Greed !!!!! Stay In Place Everyone !!! Get Lots Of Sunshine In Your Backyards or Decks.. Enjoy your Lemonade !!! Make It A Great Day !!

  6. Roger

    My problem is, who makes the determination what’s essentiall or not.

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