Who is Chief Information Security Officer of San Mateo County Now?

By Michael G. Stogner

Stormy Maddux was up until April 24, 2020.

San Mateo County Government doesn’t think notifying the 771,000 residents of this sudden departure/void of leadership of this very powerful position in the middle of a pandemic, is Newsworthy. Not a word mentioned anywhere on the County Website. No Press Release from Michelle Durand SMC’s Chief Communications Officer.

ALL DATA in San Mateo County. ISD A Trusted Technology Partner for all County Departments

San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy

San Mateo County News.com asked County Manager Mike Callagy if he would like to comment on Stormy Madduxs’ departure, his response was non- responsive.

Why would the Government hide this Leadership Change?


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