San Mateo County Citizen Oversight FC- Watchdog has more work to do.

By Michael G. Stogner

This is the group of ordinary citizens that successfully recalled a San Mateo County Elected Official named Herb Perez a Foster City Councilman. One of the items that came up during the Recall Campaign was an Unpaid Sponsorship Fees bill for $17,090.00. So now you have the Government of Foster City giving the RECALLED Politician a Gift of $10,000 and there is no evidence that he has paid or started to pay the previous debt.

Everybody in the Government knows why Herb Perez was RECALLED, the Question is Who approved Gold Medal to receive a $10,000 check in light of the above?

FC-Watchdog submitted a Public Records Act request to the city to inquire about which small businesses received $10,000 from the Business Resiliency fund assistance from Foster City? We received a list today today showing that Gold Medal Martial Arts is a recipient of this fund. We are troubled by this for the following reasons:

Did Gold Medal pay the $17,000 city invoice sent in January for unpaid city event sponsorships?

If not, should Gold Medal be receiving this assistance with an overdue, unpaid balance?

Who approved Gold Medal to receive a $10,000 check in light of the above?

Why is Gold Medal being given special treatment to this day, assuming the $17,000 remains unpaid?

FC-Watchdog is scheduled to meet with the interim city manager next week and we hope to get answers to the above at that time. If you share our concerns, please email The city manager will also receive your email.

Jeff Regan

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