SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, “Best Less Lethal Tools.” Really?

By Michael G. Stogner

Tell that to the Family and loved ones of Sandra Lee Harmon R.I.P. Killed less than 8 hours later.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is reading a prepared speech for the Supervisors to get them to approve a no bid contract with Axon Enterprises Inc. The same company that supplied the equipment on October 3, 2018 the day Chinedu Okobi was killed by SIX Sheriff Employees. San Mateo County Deputy Coroner Heather Diaz ruled his death was a Homicide.

The short list of who knows it was a Homicide is Supervisors Carole Groom, Don Horsley, Warren Slocum, Dave Pine and David Canepa, County Manager Mike Callagy, County Counsel John Beiers, Deputy Counsel David Silberman, and most all of the 800 Sheriff Deputies, and the District Attorney’s Office entire management staff with John Warren, Jamie Draper at the top.

Supervisor Warren Slocum

You will see Supervisor President Warren Slocum describe Chinedu Okobi’s Homicide as “Following the Unfortunate Incident a couple of years ago” at the 4:08:10 mark. He is responding to my public comment.

I think that most reasonable residents of San Mateo County would agree that a Homicide by Six Sheriff Employees is more than Unfortunate. Unfortunate is if someone took your parking spot.

Agenda Item #9 starts at 3:38:00 Waiving competitive bid $922,110.83 Axon Enterprise Inc. Sheriff Bolanos describes PERT TEAM, Less Lethal Measures etc.

SMC Board of Supervisor Meeting May 5, 2020

Sandra Lee Harmon 56, a Mother and Wife was killed by San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies less than 8 hours later at 845 Main Street, Half Moon Bay California.

San Mateo County Release the Videos, Audios Today. Identity the Deputies involved. It’s been 7 days since she was killed.

At 3:52:22 My public comment was read by Suki into the public record.

  • Michael Stogner <>May 5 at 8:11 AM
  • To:Sukhmani S. Purewal
  • Cc: Jeff Regan, Dave Pine, Don Horsley, Dave Canepa, Carole Groom and 1 more…Tue,
  • Dear Supervisors,
    I recommend you Not approve this contract until AXON and Sheriff Bolanos explain how this happened.
    Until AXON can explain why the MAV videos from Sheriff Patrol cars failed to download on October 3, 2018 according to Statement by #80205 Jamie Draper 10/23/2018

    Sheriff Office IT Technician Johnson Hang responded to the scene and was able to allow me to view the videos on the small in car display from each of the vehicles still at the scene and was able to retrieve the videos from the vehicles driven by Deputy Lorenzatti and Deputy Watt without issue. Hang was unable to retrieve the videos from the vehicles driven by Deputy Wang and Sergeant Weidner at the scene.”
    Axon can also explain why all Interviews recorded (using an AXON product) conducted by Menlo Park Police Officer Joshua Russell failed to download that same day October 3, 2018 at the same crime scene.

    Thank You
    Michael G. Stogner

    No need to read below just for reference.
    Joshua Russell MPPD 10/16/2018My interviews conducted during this investigation were recorded using my VieVu digital video recorder. When I returned to the police station at the end of my shift I attempted to download the recorder but encountered problems with the recorder’s connection to my desktop computer. When I returned to work on 10-16-2018 I again attempted to download the recorder, and only five video recordings from 10-03- 2018 were downloaded, all of which were from contacts made prior to my involvement in this investigation. I have contacted the information technology specialists employed by the City of Menlo Park for assistance in locating the missing videos. I will update this case with a supplemental report if or when the videos are recovered. As of 10-31-2018 the videos I recorded during the course of this investigation have not been recovered. The technology department of the City of Menlo Park has attempted to locate the videos and have been in contact with the body-camera company, Vie-Vu, as part of their efforts to see if the videos could have been lost either on the device or during the download process. Vie-Vu has stated that because recordings from earlier in the day downloaded correctly, there appears not to be a problem with the camera. All videos downloaded by all Menlo Park Vie-Vu cameras for the date of 10-03-2018 have been checked, and none of the downloads are of my interviews in this case.


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2 responses to “SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, “Best Less Lethal Tools.” Really?

  1. Jeff Regan

    After a clip has been recorded on a body cam or dash cam, is it possible for a user to delete a clip in the field?

  2. Great Question Jeff, I don’t know the answer, but that is another reason to make all video and audio available to the public to eliminate any suspicion of that occurring. I’ve added the DA’s Video of October 3, 2018 which he kept from the public for 5 months, so many edits.

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