Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos identifies Deputies in Death of Sandra Lee Harmon.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: Sheriff Video shows Unarmed Sandra Harmon w/Hands above head being shot at. 8:02 mark

San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy John Baba and Deputy David Dominguez are finally identified by the Sheriff Office. Why the delay?

They were dispatched because of a call reporting “Woman with a gun.” walking on Main Street, Half Moon Bay. What was the PLAN? What time was the PERT TEAM dispatched? What time did they arrive? Mental Health Issues, What did the Sergeant on duty recommend as the game plan on how to get this gun away from this woman? Which Deputy arrived first and according to Sheriff Bolanos he was SHOT at. How did the old Shotgun get on the ground? Did Sandra Lee Harmon comply with the orders being shouted at her? Many people with Mental Health Issues DO NOT COMPLY with Law Enforcement Orders. The Sheriff Office Knows that, Everybody Knows that. What was the Plan?

Just the week before Michigan State Capitol had a lot of people walking around with Long Guns. Nobody killed them.

Sheriff Summary: On May 5, 2020, at approximately 7:25 pm, deputies were dispatched to the area of Main Street and Monte Vista Lane in Half Moon Bay on the report of a woman with a gun. The woman, later identified as Sandra Harmon, was described by the caller as white, slender with a striped shirt and skirt, carrying a rifle and alcohol.

Responding deputies located Harmon to the rear of 845 Main Street. Harmon fired at the first deputy on the scene. The second deputy arrived as shots were being fired. Both deputies ordered Harmon to get onto the ground, but she failed to comply. When she reached for the firearm, which was on the ground at that point, the deputies fired at Harmon, striking her.

Now Release the Unedited Video and Audio recordings from the Mobile Audio Video MAV and the Remote Microphones that are manufactured by the Axon Enterprise Inc.

That will show that the Statement by San Mateo County Sheriff Office is the truth. Harmon fired at the first deputy on the scene. Of course if that is true then that outcome is to be expected. Has SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos ever issued a False News Release, You bet he has Several as a matter of fact. October 3, 2018 Chinedu Okobi Homicide by Six Sheriff Employees. Sheriff Bolanos Identified five of the six Sheriff Employees that day October 3, 2018. What was different here?

Some Media in San Mateo County wrote “Shootout” and “Shotgun Wielding” The Videos will show what actually happened. Update:

The video shows NO SHOOTOUT.

Sheriff Office News Release

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One response to “Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos identifies Deputies in Death of Sandra Lee Harmon.

  1. Richard Chance

    What a half-ass article, written from an anti-law enforcement perspective. Doesn’t even warrant attention from anyone seeking the truth.

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