Chinedu Okobi is SMC’s George Floyd.

By Michael G. Stogner

I want to thank the 17 year old girl who videoed the Murder of George Floyd by 4 Police Officers. Had she not been there and done that the rest of the world would have never known about the Homicide by Law Enforcement. It would have been reported on a back page Black man died at the Hospital from physical exertion resisting arrest and failure to comply with a lawful order.

The Police Chief fired the 4 police officers within 24 hours that was the right thing. He did not arrest them that was the wrong thing to do.

Chinedu Okobi was killed by Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos didn’t fire anybody and instead issued two False News Releases within hours of the Homicide.

Both George Floyd and Chinedu Okobi died at the scene of the crime and both were transported to hospitals to be pronounced dead at a different location.

George Floyd had a knee on his neck for approx. 9 minutes and Chinedu Okobi was sat up for approx. 9 minutes with his head down to make sure he could NOT breath even if he did become responsive which he did not.

The Attorney General took over the George Floyd Murder case and charged the other officers. The California Attorney General has remained silent in Chinedu Okobi’s Homicide.

1st False statement running in and out of traffic, 2nd Immediately assaulted Deputy, 3 rd later learned he died. Chinedu was dead at the scene.
Omits 6th Sheriff Employee CSO Joseph Gonzales
5 months later and 2 full months after Coroner ruled Chinedu Okobi’s death a Homicide D.A. Wagstaffe makes this presentation to reporters.
I was the person who asked Wagstaffe about the Sheriff’s News Releases with false statements. You can see Wagstaffe call on me when the video above stops. The medics were tending to him before he went into cardiac arrest is a lie. Sheriff Bolanos knows that.
“HOMICIDE PROTOCOL” 36-year old male involved in a physical altercation with San Mateo County Deputies.

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