Lets Compare Medaria Arradondo to Carlos G. Bolanos.

By Michael G. Stogner

Both are leaders of Law Enforcement Agencies. Medaria Arradondo Minneapolis Police Chief, Carlos G. Bolanos Sheriff of San Mateo County.

Both had In-Custody Homicides of citizens of unarmed men.

George Floyd there was a call to police regarding a misdemeanor $20 fraud.

Chinedu V. Okobi No call to police, no crime committed, just walking on sidewalk in Millbrae.

Medaria Arradondo Minneapolis Police Chief fired all four Police Officers within 24 hours.

Carlos G. Bolanos Sheriff of San Mateo County California issued two False News Releases within hours and fired nobody.

Several False statements in this one document.
Sheriff Bolanos knows there is a 6th Employee Involved.

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