Chinedu Okobi’s Death was a Homicide. Same as George Floyd.

By Michael G. Stogner

Chinedu Valentine Okobi

March 1, 2019 San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe confirms Chinedu Okobi’s death was a Homicide. 47:30 mark.

A reasonable person would ask why the Six Sheriff Employees were not arrested and charged? In George Floyd’s Homicide all Officers were fired and criminally charged.

I’m not surprised the residents of San Mateo County don’t know this information, Reporter Anna Schuessler sat in front of me at the press conference and heard as we all did it was a Homicide. Her article the next left out the most important word in the story Homicide for some reason. Thats 84,000 readers that were not informed.

Deputies cleared: Taser death decision likely trailed by lawsuit, pledge to use medical equipment

By Anna Schuessler Daily Journal staff Mar 2, 2019 

The Residents of San Mateo County should get a second opinion from the A.G.

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One response to “Chinedu Okobi’s Death was a Homicide. Same as George Floyd.

  1. Roxanne Mitchell

    It’s obvious negligence of law enforcements herd or gang force… against an unknown targeted suspect. It’s negligence without knowing healthcare history of individuals before attacking or distressing an unknown targeted human. Every individual should be approached as if they have heart disease or a serious healthcare diagnosis that makes them vulnerable to a abuses, electrical, physical brut force and stress. I see megalomania, maniacs and no compassions in videos like these. It’s horrifying. That could have been anyone of us civilians murdered.

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