Sandra Harmon R.I.P. shown with Hands above Head being fired upon by SMC Deputies.

By Michael G. Stogner

At least five shots fired at her while unarmed & hands up. 8:03-8:08 Mark

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos released a Public Relations Video 45 days after Sandra Harmon was killed by Deputies. The original claim made by Sheriff Balanos was She shot first, Newspapers reported a Shootout which requires bullets going both ways. It would be so simple to prove that release Deputy Dominguez’s Body worn video, his MAV audio from the Dashcam which was right there at the scene. It would have recorded the single or double shot allegedly fired from the shotgun that we see on the ground. That would also answer the question How & When did the Shotgun get on the ground. Did she start the shootout and then lay it down only to be shot at while her hands were in the air?

Sheriff Bolanos tells us that things moved so quickly that Deputy Dominguez was unable to activate his Body Worn Video. That’s unfortunate because that would have confirmed Bolanos’s Story.

Deputy Dominguez Body Worn Video was working just fine from the 3:30-6:29 mark. Sheriff Bolanos claims it wasn’t on less then a minute later. So to recap The Sheriff Office has had 45 days to edited and create a shot fired or shootout as they told the residents of San Mateo County.

Instead they provide a video showing NO Shots Fired by Sandra Harmon and show Deputies firing at an unarmed woman with her hands up.

So far this is OK with the 760,000 residents of San Mateo County

Sheriff Bolanos’s Video

What would you do if you were unarmed hands above your head and Deputies are firing at you from close range? I think a reasonable person would try to defend herself even if the shotgun was not loaded. What choice did she have? Follow more legal orders while they reload?

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos release the AXON LOG RECORDS and all video and audio like you should have 45 days ago.


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7 responses to “Sandra Harmon R.I.P. shown with Hands above Head being fired upon by SMC Deputies.

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  2. Danny Banot

    she needed to be shot. she was going for the shotgun. she had to be shot, or else she would shoot the officers

    • Jim

      Danny, you are correct. Mr. Stogner is asking you a strawman question. He is putting the onus on you (and the deputy) to determine whether the gun is loaded.

      Additionally, Mr. Stogner is constructing a lie with the photo and caption he presents in the story. Her hands were not up and she was attempting to grab her gun whiling the officers were telling her to stop.

      This woman, unfortunately, got what she asked for (according to her RV acquaintance)—Death by cop.

      Mr. Stogner should be emphasizing the need for mental health assistance and care rather than perpetuating lies about the police.

  3. Danny, SMC Sheriff said “Harmon fired at the first deputy on the scene.” What makes you think the Shotgun was loaded if she already fired at the first deputy?

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