Menlo Park Police Chief Quits during council meeting.

By Michael G. Stogner

MPPD Chief Dave Bertini

Update: from Almanac Twitter During a town hall meeting Thursday evening to discuss policing in #MenloPark, Housing Commissioner Karen Grove said she’d heard Menlo Park police Chief Dave Bertini use a racial slur in an ethics training.

Menlo Park Police Chief Dave Bertini is taking his Ball and going home.

The Council and Chief of Police were having a discussion on Police Reform.

Councilman Ray Mueller asked him a vague softball question “How the police department can build a better relationship with residents.”

“It is obvious to me that I have lost the trust of council,” Bertini said.

His last day will be July 30, 2020

This is a conversation all City and County Officials in America are starting to have, Let the negotiations begin.

Once you know you have a disgruntled employee its best to take their keys ASAP and Thank them for all they have done for your community, Replace that position in the interim.

MP City Council Contact Mark Melville

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