Pandemic, Stay Home 4th of July.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County Beaches are like a Magnet, Now is not the time to enjoy them.Protect the residents from Pacifica to Pescadero. Tell everyone to stay home.

Stay Home, Wear a Mask, Protect All County Health Officers, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff, Firefighters, Police Officers, Store Clerks. The time to open up is when they say they feel safe and have all the PPE to do their jobs safely. SMC has never been there yet.

San Mateo County has a chance to show the WORLD they know what the word Pandemic means. Show the World that you take your Health and their Health threat seriously. You can’t blame other Countries for considering the Banning of Americans to travel, Who in their right mind would let us in.

  1. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

Political Interest have never been the same as Medical Interest. YOU are responsible for your Health and those you Love and Respect.

San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow is the one and only person I recommend you seek medical PANDEMIC advice from.

Here are some comments from Healt Officials from LATIMES article today.

“Every single one of those county health officers faces an impossible set of circumstances,” said David Relman, a Stanford doctor.

“Our professionalism is being exploited.” nurses at one hospital have gone on strike to protest what they say is understaffing and a lack of protective gear.

It has left some medical experts to warn the state is not experiencing a second wave, but a failure to maintain the flattened curve of the first one.

If the spread isn’t stopped soon, they warn, it may become impossible.

“It could get to some point where there literally is just too much disease to manage,” Relman said.

“I’m not sure why everyone is so surprised that we’re surging again. It never went away, and we opened up” while mask wearing was being “politicized,” the physician said, calling it “very frustrating.”

“It leaves us feeling in like we’re not enough,” McIntosh said. “I feel like this is all setting us up to fail.”

San Mateo County Residents show the world that you are Serious Citizens.

Stay Home, Wear Masks.

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