Justice for Chinedu is looking for a Candidate for District Attorney 2022

By Michael G. Stogner

This might just be a First in San Mateo County History. They are Fundraising to find the right Candidate to replace SMC District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe in 2022.


Chinedu Valentine Okobi

As some of you know on October 3, 2018, Chinedu V. Okobi was killed by Six Sheriff Employees, One Sergeant, 4 Deputies and a Civilian CSO. December 31, 2018 Deputy Coroner Heather Diaz ruled the Manner of Death was a Homicide. There was No 911 call because Chinedu hadn’t committed ANY crime. He was simply walking on a sidewalk in Millbrae, California in the middle of the afternoon while Black. He was not running in and out of traffic like Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos lied to the public and he did NOT Immediately assault the Deputy as soon as he exited his vehicle as Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos lied to the public.

March 1, 2019 Steve Wagstaffe notified the public that he would Not be filing any Criminal Charges against the Sergeant and four Deputies. He never investigated the sixth Sheriff Employee who was involved in the Homicide. He also never investigated the Six Sheriff Employees for not ever checking his pulse or providing any Medical Aide for the next 9 minutes after he had stopped breathing and AMR staff finally reached his dead body.

Justice for Chinedu Fundraising

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One response to “Justice for Chinedu is looking for a Candidate for District Attorney 2022

  1. debyleschyn

    Irene Hsu of SmartJustice is also working on identifying a progressive candidate to run against the current DA.

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