San Mateo County It’s Time.

By Michael G. Stogner

You know it’s time when you see the Captain of the Ship putting on his life vest and sneaking onto the lifeboat, or the Pilot putting on his parachute.

We all know that we are responsible for our own safety, The Cavalry  is not coming.

The Federal, State, and County Government has Failed to provide Testing, Contact Tracing, PPE to all those who need it.

SACRAMENTO — The California Senate on Wednesday joined the Assembly in deciding not to return from its summer recess next week, citing the continued spread of the coronavirus, which has now infected several staffers and members in the Legislature.

The decision was announced on the same day that a second Assembly member, Republican Tom Lackey of Palmdale, acknowledged through a spokesman that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

San Mateo County is home to San Francisco International Airport with direct flights from Wuhan. San Jose International Airport also has direct flights from Wuhan.

San Mateo County has Finally reached 0.0 Positivity July 10, 2020 Total Tested 9

San Mateo County has had been told to TEST 1500 people per day. July 8th they tested 141. They have only accomplished that 6 days. All Five County Supervisor are satisfied with those results. It’s Time for the Local Leaders the Mayors to protect the Residents in their Community, Provide Testing in their Cities. Enforce the State and County Health Orders.

July 10, 2020 SMC Tested only 9 People

SMC 0.0% COVID-19 Posiytivity Rate.

This is a PANDEMIC start acting like it.

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