San Mateo County Finally on State Watchlist.

By Michael G. Stogner

There was ZERO benefit for not being on this Watchlist since July 15, 2020. It’s difficult to find politicians who are not conflicted with the normal powers that get people elected. The Red Flags are simple to spot in a Pandemic when at first they are for protecting the residents and then the shift occurs to “We have got to get back to Work”

  • San Mateo County (has variance) is experiencing an elevated case rate that exceeds the State threshold. The County sees roots of community transmission related to social gatherings without sufficient physical distancing and wearing of facial coverings, as well as higher exposure for residents performing work that involves person-to-person contact and crowded housing conditions that make home isolation difficult.  Key actions to address the increase include: 1) expanding the case and contact investigation team that is following up on every COVID-19 positive case and related contacts to assure safe quarantine and isolation in order to break the chain of transmission; 2) developing strategies to strengthen support for those facing barriers in safely isolating or quarantining; 3) continuing to work with hospital system partners and our Medi-Cal managed care plan partner to monitor and understand hospitalizations, support effective pathways to appropriate levels of care and prepare for surge, 4) continuing to provide infection prevention expertise and specimen collection and test processing support to assist skilled nursing facilities and other congregate care facilities in protecting all residents and staff; 5) continuing to analyze the epidemiology of local spread to inform additional prevention strategies; 6) reinforcing community-wide messaging about the importance of key behaviors individuals can take (wearing facial coverings, maintaining physical distance, avoiding gatherings, washing hands and not touching one’s face) to keep themselves and the community safe; and 7) tailoring communication and outreach to the most impacted populations and communities to strengthen trust and engagement in case and contact investigation. The County continues to partner with cities, schools and community-based organizations and leaders to advocate for the longer-term policy changes that can prevent COVID-19 from exacerbating the burdens shouldered by the lowest income residents and populations of color.  San Mateo County also continues to work with the State’s decisions regarding reduced testing capacity at the Project Baseline sites and revised testing prioritization criteria that contribute to an increased positivity rate.  (Date added to CDM List: July 29, 2020) 


Congratulations and Stay Safe

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