San Mateo County Beaches and Parks Closed again.

Public Safety Officials Urge People to Stay Away from Beaches; City of Half Moon Bay Closes Beaches for the Weekend

“The number one contribution to the fire-fighting effort everyone can make is to avoid the coast” to allow first responders to do their jobs and keep roads clear for evacuees, said CalFire Deputy Chief Jonathan Cox.

Pacifica Mayor Deirdre Martin said, “First responders from across Northern California need to focus on stamping out the vast number of wildfires and protecting lives and property. They don’t need or want to be fighting traffic so someone can enjoy a day at the beach.”  Read the news release.

The City of Half Moon Bay has closed all its beaches through the weekend to discourage visitors and help keep roads clear for first responders and evacuees.

Aug. 21, 2020 – Public Safety Officials Urge People to Keep Coastal Roads Clear for First Responders, Evacuees 

Major roads closed, Half Moon Bay shuts beaches before weekend

All San Mateo County Parks Closed Until Further Notice


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2 responses to “San Mateo County Beaches and Parks Closed again.

  1. Mark L DePaula

    Good move to close SMC beaches, fire is very close to SMC park Sam McDonald. All visitors stay away from HMB and do not drive on HWY’s 1, 92 and 35, until the fires are contained. CZU fire 0% contained as of August 21st.

  2. Mark DePaula

    SMC Pescadero County Park is very close to the CZU fire.

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