Sandra L. Harmon R.I.P. Shot 8 times. 3 Fatal shots to the Back.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sandra Harmon

May 5, 2020 approximately 8:00 P.M. San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Dominguez approached an RV in the back parking lot of Pasta Moon Restaruant at 845 Main Street. He went by himself and supposedly he choose to turn off his Body Camera, he was searching for a woman who was reported to have been walking on Main Street with a Shotgun. Why was he allowed to go by himself? What was his plan if he found her? What was the plan his Sergeant had for this action.

Half Moon Bay residents will remember that Yanira Serrano Garcia who just turned 18 years old was shot and killed by a SMCSO Deputy doing the exact same thing. He passed up his partner at the staging area and jumped out of his patrol car and ran up to her house and she was shot and killed within 20 seconds of his arrival He had No Plan. He was responding to a non emergency medical call.

The same thing happened October 3, 2018 the In Custody Homicide of Chinedu Okobi a man who committed No Crime. SMCSO had NO Plan.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos promoted the story that she fired first and there was a shootout. To this day there is no evidence that a shootout occurred. A shootout would be two people facing each other firing at the same time towards each other. Sandra Lee Harmon was shot 3 times in the back. She was shot at at least 5 times while she was unarmed and her hands were above her head. Deputy Dominguez fired 11 rounds at her and Deputy Baba fired 3 rounds for a total of 14 rounds fired.

There is only the word of Deputy Dominguez, Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. They claim that Deputy Dominguez had turned off his Body Camera and that the AXON MAV Audio from his patrol vehicle which was just 16 feet away is not available. The Audio from the Dash Camera would have provided the sound of a shot or two shots from the Shotgun had they occurred. The witness Mr. Meyer in the RV just feet away from the shooting did not report he heard any shotgun blast sounds, which are different from pistols rounds.

The Swab tests; The samples did not prove definitively that Harmon had fired a gun as not all three of the necessary components of gunshot were detected.

Three of eight gunshot wounds to Harmon’s body. were fatal 

The three wounds determined to be fatal involved entry through the upper back and lateral torso.

Dr. Pena determined the cause of death to be these multiple gunshot wounds.

This is a story of a Shootout, and a woman who was killed by 3 shots in the back. This is OK with the residents of San Mateo County.

I have ordered the Coroners report to find out the Manner of Death.

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