Sandra L. Harmon Death by Sheriff Deputy a Homicide.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sandra Harmon

San Mateo County Coroner’s Office ruled the manner of Death a Homicide.

Sandra L. Harmon was placed in custody (Handcuffed) after she was shot 8 times, 3 Fatal shots to the Back.

Now that the truth has finally surfaced in San Mateo County and it always does one of the main remaining questions is How many people were involved in the cover up.

I have asked the City Manager of Half Moon Bay Bob Nesbit twice to request a state or federal investigation of the Homicide of Sandra Lee Harmon who was shot at 14 times by two San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies on May 5, 2020. I will say right up front that Sheriff Deputy Baba did everything right that night. Sheriff Deputy Dominguez on the other hand fired 11 rounds at Sandra L. Harmon and at least 5 of those rounds were fired at her while she was Unarmed and her hands were above her Head. In order to fire 11 rounds Deputy Dominguez had to reload his Service pistol.

To this day the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office has never provided any evidence that Sandra L. Harmon fired any shots from her Shotgun. I have asked Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and PIO Rosemary Balnkswade to tell me how many Shotgun Pellets were recovered from the Homicide scene on that night May 5, 2020. They told the world there was a Shootout that was started by Harmon, that should be pretty simple to prove and it could have been provided to the public within 24 hours. That never happened.

This is the second Sheriff’s Office in-custody Homicide under the leadership of Carlos G. Bolanos. October 3, 2018 Moorehouse Graduate and Father Chinedu V. Okobi was killed by six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees. San Mateo County Coroner ruled the Manner of Death to be a Homicide.

Last Friday afternoon San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe quietly (no press conference) provided Sheriff Bolanos a 12 page letter explaining how Fearful both Deputies were of being Killed by Sandra Harmon, therefore they acted lawfully case closed.

One Huge question is Why did Sheriff Deputy Dominguez fire at Unarmed Sandra Harmon fatally striking her in the back?

The Family and the residents of San Mateo County deserve to know the truth. How many people were involve in the coverup.


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3 responses to “Sandra L. Harmon Death by Sheriff Deputy a Homicide.

  1. Refund Police

    Ive seen the body cam footage, she was reaching for the shotgun despite SEVERAL warnings to put her hands up. You’re way off base.

  2. kinda looks like you are just trying to attract readers by stirring up controversy when there is obviously no controversy if you watch the videos: especially the parts where the witness says she told him she was going to die and then you see her reach for the your audience wacko nut jobs who dont read or see very well and just want to hate the police? seems like you need a better target audience

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