Axon Sandra L. Harmon Homicide Case.

By Michael G. Stogner

Notice Shotgun on ground and Hands Up.

The above photo is at the 8:07 Mark of Deputy Baba BWC Video. Notice how clear the resolution is.

San Mateo County Residents will remember the October 3, 2018 In-Custody Homicide of Chinedu V. Okobi a Moorehouse Graduate and Father of a daughter who was a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk in Millbrae, when he caught the attention of San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Wang. There was No 911 call, simply Deputy Wang wanted to engage him. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and PIO Rosemary Blankswade Issued two False News Releases after he was killed by Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees. They left those false statement on the County website for 5 months. Besides killing Chinedu its what the SIX S.O. Employees did or didn’t do for the next 9 minutes after they sat him up with his hands cuffed behind his back. They offered NO CPR and did not check his pulse.

Axon International Inc. is a company that most people think of as a Taser manufacture, but they are much more they also produce the MAV Dash Camera and Remote Microphone Audio, and Body Cameras now used by the Sheriff’s Office and District Office to store Evidence.

That sounds like a Conflict of Interest.

In the Chinedu V. Okobi Homicide case it was reported by the Sheriff Office IT rep. that he was unable to download the MAV Videos from two of the Sheriff Patrol Vehicles that day. Also a Menlo Park Police Officer reported that all of the witnesses he interviewed using Axon Body Camera were unable to be downloaded. Seems strange doesn’t.

Now this morning after reviewing San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe’s Evidence Files in the Sandra L. Harmon Homicide in Custody of the Sheriff’s Office, I noticed No CAD report, No report of ALL the Axon products/devices downloaded that night. I also noticed that company providing the files is the same company to makes the Body Cameras, MAV, and Tasers.

Sandra L. Harmon was Fatally Shot in the back three times according to the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office who ruled the Manner of Death to be Homicide. Sheriff Deputy Dominguez fired at least 5 shots at her while she was unarmed with her hands above her head. He never mentions that fact. Either does Sheriff Carlos Bolanos or D.A. Steve Wagstaffe.

I have asked Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and PIO Rosemerry Blankswade,

What is the Sheriff’s Office Policy of Firing at an Unarmed Citizen?

How many Shotgun Pellets were recovered from the Crime Scene that night?

What time did Sandra Harmon fire the Shotgun? What Evidence to prove that she fired the Shotgun at all?

The Sheriff and his PIO don’t think theses questions deserve to be answered. I think they are, especially when you tell the public that Your Deputy who fired 11 rounds and killed Sandra L. Harmon just happened to turn off his Axon Body Camera that is pretty convenvient.

Half Moon Bay City Council Meeting by ZOOM September 15, 2020 will have San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe attending and discussing his 12 page letter to Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, where he found no crime had occurred by the Deputies May 5, 2020.

I had asked HMB City Manager Bob Nesbit twice to contact the State of California Attorney General and request an Independent Criminal Investigation by the A.G. or the D.O.J. He chose to meet with his Deputy City Manager and Steve Wagstaffe instead.

City Managers are responsible for the behavior of the Law Enforcement Agencies they contract with. I also asked Bob Nesbit if he had watched the Video provided to the public by Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos. He did not respond to that simple question. If a City Manager is not willing to watch what the Sheriff provides the public 40 days after a Homicide that he personally described as a Shootout when there has been ZERO Evidence of that Statement, at the 8:01-8:06 mark you will see Sandra Harmon standing Unarmed with hands above her head while been fired at by Deputy Dominguez.

What I noticed this morning is that the website the District Attorney arranged for me to view the Investigation Files is owned by Axon.

Small World.

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