Thank You San Mateo Daily Journal. Sandra L. Harmon Homicide.

By, Michael G. Stogner

Just because Somebody says something is true does not mean that it is.

The same is true for Captions on a Video released 40 days later.

At -9:06 you will see Deputy Dominguez Body Worn Camera working perfectly well great Resolution and Audio.

-5:11 Caption says “Deputy Dominguez Attempted contact at the Motorhome for potential witnesses.” Why is he looking for more witnesses? It goes on to say, “But instead encountered Ms. Harmon.”

-4:59 Caption: With the fast moving situation with incoming fire, Deputy Dominguez did not activate his Body Worn Camera.

The caption wording “With Incoming Fire.” Implys as fact that Sandra Harmon fired first.

“After Discharging his Service Weapon Ms. Harmon dropped the Shotgun.” That would be before Deputy Baba gets out of his car.

So Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos his Public Information Officer and several others were involved in producing this Video in the San Mateo Daily Journal Article. Here it is.

SMDJ Article

The San Mateo Daily Journal did not include the City of Half Moon Bay Special Meeting held on September 15, 2020 by ZOOM.

In this video you will see the the first 3 public speakers presenting the Oblovi Investigation at the 27:15 mark clearly providing evidence that came from the SMC Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office, it shows Tampering with Evidence 3 shell casings. a Bullet found in the side of a building, They say Sheriff Deputy Dominguez fired three shots at Sandra Harmon FIRST.

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe does not address the Tampering with Evidence issue, the bullet found that none of the SMC Crime Scene staff found. or that Deputy Dominguez fired First. He simple deflected and said shell casing get moved around kicked etc all the time.

The San Mateo Daily Journal did not mention that fact. I am thankful the SMDJ has finally produced a story where the public can make comments on they used to have a Community Forum for the residents to communicate with each other.

The AXON Log Records have all the data the public needs, you don’t need to rely on Sheriff Bolanos to say something on a video. To this day and for the last 5 months we only have Words and Captions that Sheriff Deputy turned off his Body Worn Camera. The AXON Log Records have been requested multiple times by HMB Resident John Ullom, and myself. The San Mateo County Counsel and the D.A.’s is refusing to provide them even though Steve Wagstaffe told the Council he has No Objection. The FIVE HMB City Council Members should have the City Attorney make the request of Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos personally. Forget the SMC Counsel. This investigation is a closed matter as far as the District Attorney Office is concerned.

Video September 15, 2020 HMB Special Meeting

Please remember, Words and Captions are not Evidence,

AXON Log Records lets get them, for the family of Sandra Harmon and all of San Mateo Residents.

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