One reason for the A.G. Request is D.A. Steve Wagstaffe.

The City of Half Moon Bay has finally provided the public with the Video of the September 15, 2020 Special Meeting Sandra L. Harmon Homicide. Thats 14 days.

HMB City Special Meeting September 15, 2020

You only need to watch 2 minutes of the Video from 50:00 – 52:00 mark. This is SMC District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe responding to Six public comments starting at the 27:30 mark.

Here is a Fact 14 Shell Casings were recovered from the crime scene. The 3 Shell casings caused 2 bullet holes in a building that changes the entire story Sheriff Bolanos and Steve Wagstaffe promoted.

Steve Wagstaffe says:

“Shell casings get kicked around all the time.” He never addresses the two bullet holes discussed in the Eblovi Public comments at 27:30 mark.

“We did find 11 casings, they mention 3 others.” “In there 11 shots had been fired, we found 11 casings and that was exactly what was expended from the handguns, I think that confirms where we were.

“Shot in the back mantra.” “I don’t believe that to be the case.”

Sandra L. Harmon had three fatal shots to the back according to the Coroners Report.

Welcome to San Mateo County

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