Dear Ms. Joyce Blair of the Attorney General’s Office.

By Michael G. Stogner

I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I was the San Mateo County Resident/Citizen that reported the Criminal Conduct by Law Enforcement in the Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez case back in 2015. Specifically the Hacking of two Computer Systems one the State of California and the other the Federal USPS. You recommended I file it with San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe which I did. He of course couldn’t investigate it because of Conflict of Interest and sent it back to you. You did not investigate it.

I reported it to the Board of Supervisors at the Public meeting. They thanked me for my comment.

Video: BOS Meeting 2015

As you might be aware I have communicated with a few of your DOJ Investigators in the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Activity League Embezzlement and Laundering Investigation involving former Sheriff Employee Barbara Bonilla who was the Executive Director of SAL. According to HMB Chief Saul Lopez that is still a Ongoing Investigation.

I will be forwarding you my personal request as a citizen to please conduct an Independent Criminal Investigation in the Sandra L. Harmon, Chinedu Okobi (San Mateo County’s George Floyd case) and Yanira Serrano Garcia cases. They are all Homicides by Law Enforcement of SMC Sheriff Office.

The similarities are Tampering with Evidence, False and Misleading Press Releases, Edited Videos with false and misleading Captions, Filing false Police Reports etc.

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