If Redwood City Council and Staff were serious about Police Reform.

By Michael G. Stogner

They would have already sent their individual e-mails to Supervising Deputy Attorney General Joyce Blair supporting the September 15, 2020 Unanimous vote by the City of Half Moon Bay Council to refer the May 5, 2020 Homicide of Sandra Lee Harmon by Sheriff Deputies, requesting an Independent Criminal Investigation of the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorneys Investigation.

The Public is also welcome to e-mail Joyce.Blair@doj.ca.gov

HMBCC Special Meeting September 15, 2020, The Eblovi Investigation Presentation at the 27:30 mark in video clearly identifies 3 Spent Shell Casings and 2 Bullet Holes that were omitted from SMC Sheriff, District Attorney Official Reports. The 3 Spent Shell Casings were then moved (Tampering with Evidence) to a location that supported the story provided to the Public by the Sheriff, District Attorney, and supported by County Counsel. There was a Shootout Ms. Harmon fired first both Deputies were fearful for their lives they knew she was going to kill them etc.

HMBCC Special Meeting September 15, 2020

Redwood City Leaders would have already made sure the their Police Department did NOT maintain two separate Arrests Logs which they have been aware of for many years.

RWC Police Logs 2 sets

They would also make sure their Police Department does NOT Violate San Mateo County’s Domestic Violence Protocol. Or their own for that matter.

SMCSO Lt. Kristina Bell 911 D.V. Call

James MaGee 17.5 hour D.V. Swat standoff

San Mateo County Residents should compare the James MaGee case with the Pacifica killing of Errol Chang by the Swat Team who got tired of waiting after a couple of hours. Errol was going nowhere he was located in a tiny home, he was a threat to nobody. Errol Chang R.I.P. was not a former Redwood City Police Officer, that is one big difference.

One thing everyone can do at this moment is contact the Attorney General’s Office and express your support for an Independent Criminal Investigation of the Death of Sandra L. Harmon, the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office for Criminal Conduct. Tampering with Evidence and request the AXON LOG RECORDS of the Entire Event. There were 14 Spent Shell Casings recovered NOT 11 that Steve Wagstaffe repeatedly discussed with the Public during the September 15, 2020 Zoom meeting above.

All San Mateo County Elected Official should have already sent their e-mails. E-mail Supervising Deputy Attorney General Joyce Blair (Joyce.Blair@doj.ca.gov)

If they haven’t the residents should ask them, WHY?

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